Saturday, May 28, 2011

Karaoke@Red Box, The Gardens

Last Saturday, I had another round of karaoke with my best mates in the same month. However, there were only five singers that night. One were in Philippines and another one had to bail out for a cousin’s birthday but, we had one that came back from Singapore and gave us the treat to sing. And oh, the buffet was way much better than the one we had here and this time, we had Hoegarden so it was all oh so perfect!


And did I mention I meet my friend there who came back from The States? One of the singers checked-us-all-in on Facebook place. At that moment, he was browsing Facebook on his iPhone and learned that I was at The Gardens. He was at Mid Valley at that time. He made the effort to come over to meet me and we had a short talk. It was great to see my buddy. Let’s hope he will come back to settle down in Malaysia like his great mommy as well as his future-in-laws hope.


That night we sang a lot of screaming songs and some as random as Cee-Lo Green’s Fuck You. We had a lot of Linkin Park’s songs this time as well as Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life. And of course, Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Missed A Thing.


And this time around, I did not have enough singing. I missed out a lot of great songs but oh well, I am pretty sure we will go for another round of karaoke when Chris is back and for that, I really hope everyone will be able to make it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Makan-Makan di Ipoh!

I spent another long weekend two weeks ago with the boyfriend. Same thing again, no! The only difference was, we made a daytrip down to Ipoh. I was craving for the Ipoh food for quite some time already and finally I could have them!
It took us an hour and a half and with the help of Mr G, we reached Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Restaurant for brunch. I do not remember having been there on my last and only visit back in year two oh oh seven but since this place was recommended by a few people, I went there. There was another similar restaurant which is diagonally opposite of this restaurant, Onn Kee Tauge Ayam Restaurant.
After a short visit at St Michael Institution, we headed towards Nam Heong Kopitiam for a glass of Ipoh white coffee and hopefully to get egg tarts too. Unfortunately, egg tarts were sold out, dang! Thus coffee is the bomb. The boyfriend is usually very caring and thoughtful but this coffee made him otherwise. He finished the drink when I only had one sip.
I was craving for toasts for we went to the opposite kopitiam, Sin Yoon Foong, for another round of Ipoh white coffee and toasts. This time, the coffee did not taste as good as the one in Nam Heong so I was the one who did most of the drinking. Yee Yen then came to meet us at the coffee shop before we left with her car to get some ‘heong peng’ and then to her house.
Oh! Before she brought us back to her place, we went to get salted chicken at Aun Kheng Lim as dinner when we are back in Penang. However, plan changed. Yee Yen’s parents asked us along to join them for dinner before we headed back to Penang. When we got home, the chicken was already cold and we saved most of it for lunch the next day.
Definitely this was not a fruitful journey as there are more food that we had not tasted. However, I really had fun during the journey especially having a perfect travel buddy with me. And guess what? We may be in Ipoh again next weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Karaoke@Neway, One Utama

What happened last Friday was really rare. A bunch of friends whom I have befriended for five years and had never been to karaoke together before suddenly made a plan to head down to karaoke together. It was truly weird but, at the same time, exciting.


“I want a Hoegarden”

“Sorry, Hoegarden is a side order”

That was pity. Thought that if May could order it, I would like to try it.


Now let me introduce you to the person who was in a good mood to pay for all of us that night. He was really into the songs. When I said into, I mean he was really emotional. He did sing his lungs out.


The guy who came for food only – that was what we named him. He was munching the food most of the time, compared to us. Did not sing much until the end when the guys got him Nickelback’s songs. Unfortunately, there are not much choice for his songs. Sad.


This was a sight when all of us were literally screaming and shouting at the microphones in our grips when Linkin Park’s New Divide were played. This, people, showed how terrible we all sounded than you would ever imagined. Trust me, it was fun.


To be honest, we did not have enough singing that night. We started out late and therefore, would definitely go for another session when Cw is back who is, in turn, to treat us and this time, we are going to start at six evening sharp. Oh, we did not call it a day right after karaoke. The guys had guys talk while the girls had girls talk. It felt so long since we last did that (think it was at Chris’ place?) and it felt really great.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Loving Sunday ♥

Three weekends ago had been a sweet and loving one – spent the weekend with my brother and of course with some other close people. Thanks to a friend, the awesome one, that we managed to get ourselves a two-bedroom unit for two nights, free!


That night, we had our dinner at Kenny Rogers. Btw, people, there is no Kenny Rogers at Pavilion, alright? I mistook it with Nando’s. It is located inside Berjaya Times Square building. Do not be a fool like me.


Letty has this voucher which entitled us to have one quarter meal free with a purchase of another quarter meal, or so. However, lucky us the shop entitled us two quarter meals for free! Also, it was Letty’s brother’s treat so we were all oh so happy.


After meal, after hunting for nice flats with me, we headed back to the hotel to shower before heading out again for a midnight movie and guess what it was. No doubt, it was Fast and the Furious 5! Sweet! You should go watch it if you had not.


Next day, after we had bah kut teh for brunch, I followed them back to Taman Desa. The weather has been a bitch so I did not want to go back so soon.


I spent the rest of the day at Letty’s and even had home-cooked dinner with them and the awesome friend who got us free two-night’s accommodation. How great it would be if I am staying close to them but, it will be awesome if I am living with my boyfriend now. Talking about my boyfriend, I am already looking forward to this weekend as I will be heading to the Pearl of the Orient for a long weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Boyfriend in Town

It was last weekend when the boyfriend came to spend a weekend in Kuala Lumpur and I were to host him around. I managed to get us a car, borrowed from my brother, so we were mobilised around the town. I had everything planned out, everything arranged for him and though it was tiring, I am really happy to have spent another weekend with him.

As you could see from the picture above, yes, I actually had everything written and saved in my phone. Most of them really went as planned. I think I am more comfortable being more organised when it comes to hosting a person.

A few of us went to pick him up from the airport before we headed to William’s Corner for supper. A friend of mine had been poisoning me, telling me about this RM40 lamb shank. It is advisable that you share this dish with another person. It comes with free rice and you could refill or reorder it. I mean the rice, not lamb shank. The portion is really huge, just like how my friend had described to me.

On the next day, I had already made a plan with my brother and two of our hometown friends to meet at Lamasi Café in Fahrenheit 88 to have pizzas and hang out. Therefore, I brought my boyfriend along to hang out with them and had our brunch there. We hang out with them for a while before we made a run to Tesco Ampang to do some grocery shopping. I have to stock up my food inventory back at home.

We headed to Solaris Mont Kiara to have Russian food at Samovar Café. It was raining so our plan to have some photoshoot failed. The boyfie was tired so, guess what? I drove us back from Mont Kiara to Pavilion to catch our movie – Thor. Awesome, right? I am so proud of myself to be able to drive on Kuala Lumpur’s infamous scary highway!

Since I had promised the boyfie to treat him at Jogoya Japanese Buffet, we went there for lunch buffet the next day, his final day in Kuala Lumpur. We then walked around in Pavilion before we headed back to rest. Both of us were still full from our lunch buffet so we decided to skip dinner to rest more and only headed out to return the car to my brother and him, took a cab to the airport.

To be honest, I am glad that everything went quite well though we had a few unhappy moments. I really miss him so, guess what? I am heading off to Penang next weekend to see him! We just cannot get enough of each other, can we?