Friday, May 6, 2011

Boyfriend in Town

It was last weekend when the boyfriend came to spend a weekend in Kuala Lumpur and I were to host him around. I managed to get us a car, borrowed from my brother, so we were mobilised around the town. I had everything planned out, everything arranged for him and though it was tiring, I am really happy to have spent another weekend with him.

As you could see from the picture above, yes, I actually had everything written and saved in my phone. Most of them really went as planned. I think I am more comfortable being more organised when it comes to hosting a person.

A few of us went to pick him up from the airport before we headed to William’s Corner for supper. A friend of mine had been poisoning me, telling me about this RM40 lamb shank. It is advisable that you share this dish with another person. It comes with free rice and you could refill or reorder it. I mean the rice, not lamb shank. The portion is really huge, just like how my friend had described to me.

On the next day, I had already made a plan with my brother and two of our hometown friends to meet at Lamasi Café in Fahrenheit 88 to have pizzas and hang out. Therefore, I brought my boyfriend along to hang out with them and had our brunch there. We hang out with them for a while before we made a run to Tesco Ampang to do some grocery shopping. I have to stock up my food inventory back at home.

We headed to Solaris Mont Kiara to have Russian food at Samovar Café. It was raining so our plan to have some photoshoot failed. The boyfie was tired so, guess what? I drove us back from Mont Kiara to Pavilion to catch our movie – Thor. Awesome, right? I am so proud of myself to be able to drive on Kuala Lumpur’s infamous scary highway!

Since I had promised the boyfie to treat him at Jogoya Japanese Buffet, we went there for lunch buffet the next day, his final day in Kuala Lumpur. We then walked around in Pavilion before we headed back to rest. Both of us were still full from our lunch buffet so we decided to skip dinner to rest more and only headed out to return the car to my brother and him, took a cab to the airport.

To be honest, I am glad that everything went quite well though we had a few unhappy moments. I really miss him so, guess what? I am heading off to Penang next weekend to see him! We just cannot get enough of each other, can we?


ken said...

pricey food selection! haha.. but as long as you had fun, that's great! :)

Fumoffu said...

well, we bought deals from Groupon and Mydeal so that's the reason why we went to those places. As for Jogoya, no discount at all lol burnt big holes hahaha