Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Loving Sunday ♥

Three weekends ago had been a sweet and loving one – spent the weekend with my brother and of course with some other close people. Thanks to a friend, the awesome one, that we managed to get ourselves a two-bedroom unit for two nights, free!


That night, we had our dinner at Kenny Rogers. Btw, people, there is no Kenny Rogers at Pavilion, alright? I mistook it with Nando’s. It is located inside Berjaya Times Square building. Do not be a fool like me.


Letty has this voucher which entitled us to have one quarter meal free with a purchase of another quarter meal, or so. However, lucky us the shop entitled us two quarter meals for free! Also, it was Letty’s brother’s treat so we were all oh so happy.


After meal, after hunting for nice flats with me, we headed back to the hotel to shower before heading out again for a midnight movie and guess what it was. No doubt, it was Fast and the Furious 5! Sweet! You should go watch it if you had not.


Next day, after we had bah kut teh for brunch, I followed them back to Taman Desa. The weather has been a bitch so I did not want to go back so soon.


I spent the rest of the day at Letty’s and even had home-cooked dinner with them and the awesome friend who got us free two-night’s accommodation. How great it would be if I am staying close to them but, it will be awesome if I am living with my boyfriend now. Talking about my boyfriend, I am already looking forward to this weekend as I will be heading to the Pearl of the Orient for a long weekend!

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