Thursday, May 19, 2011

Karaoke@Neway, One Utama

What happened last Friday was really rare. A bunch of friends whom I have befriended for five years and had never been to karaoke together before suddenly made a plan to head down to karaoke together. It was truly weird but, at the same time, exciting.


“I want a Hoegarden”

“Sorry, Hoegarden is a side order”

That was pity. Thought that if May could order it, I would like to try it.


Now let me introduce you to the person who was in a good mood to pay for all of us that night. He was really into the songs. When I said into, I mean he was really emotional. He did sing his lungs out.


The guy who came for food only – that was what we named him. He was munching the food most of the time, compared to us. Did not sing much until the end when the guys got him Nickelback’s songs. Unfortunately, there are not much choice for his songs. Sad.


This was a sight when all of us were literally screaming and shouting at the microphones in our grips when Linkin Park’s New Divide were played. This, people, showed how terrible we all sounded than you would ever imagined. Trust me, it was fun.


To be honest, we did not have enough singing that night. We started out late and therefore, would definitely go for another session when Cw is back who is, in turn, to treat us and this time, we are going to start at six evening sharp. Oh, we did not call it a day right after karaoke. The guys had guys talk while the girls had girls talk. It felt so long since we last did that (think it was at Chris’ place?) and it felt really great.


ken said...

cant remember when was the last time i had sing-k session with my friends.. haha.. it's always fun to scream together :P

Fumoffu said...

yeah, and we are going to do it again this weekend :D

goingkookies said...

oooh lucky u.. i miss singing k back home.. =( my friend and I would sing till 4am.. hehe

Fumoffu said...

Woah! 4am? I only did that when I was in Shanghai. Here? Nahhh.. lol