Friday, August 27, 2010

My Crib: Part Two

I had shown you most of the rooms of my place in my previous post. In this post, I am going to bring you the insight of the main room, my room.

The room with the door opened is my room. The one next to mine is my housemate’s.

It is indeed smaller compared to the one I rented back in Shanghai. And we have two beds in this room. Have I told you that I am sharing this room? Yeah, no more bringing guys back home like I did back in Shanghai lol Just kidding.

That’s my bed, the smallest bed I have ever slept on. Seriously. I have blue and black on my arms and thighs because I did not have enough space to sleep. This bed is even smaller compared to the one I rented back in SS15. And worse quality.

This table was given by the company, for free. They are doing some renovation and is getting rid of old tables so, they asked me if I needed one. Of course I do! Saved me bucks *winks*

My own wardrobe, shared mini-drawer and long mirror. When I first moved in, we did not have those. All we had in the room were two beds, a standing fan and...

...this, where we both shared to hang our clothes. Where did I keep my remaining clothes then? In my baggage, that’s right! I managed to survive that way for a week until I bought myself a wardrobe which burnt a hole as big as 180 MYR.

So, yeah, this is where I am currently staying. Not really sure when I would be moving out since my dad is planning to buy a unit here. I  see myself staying here for at least a year. Hopefully less than that? Now I really miss my room in Jing’an District here. See those last 3 pictures? Look so comfy, right? I am definitely going to have my own dream room, again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Crib: Part One

Interested to know how I am staying where I am working now? Apart from not being an air-conditioned room, the place is not that bad. It is a simple place for someone who is not going to stay for life. Else, of course you have to do little investment. I did invest, I should say, a lot. I am trying to make myself comfortable. For a girl to leave her comfort zone, her room is her second comfort zone. No matter how sucky your life have become, if you have a cozy room, everything else does not matter anymore. Let me give you an insight of my current place.

This is the verandah. Oh, I am staying on the third floor though. Therefore, this is the first place you will see after you reached the top and then look to your right.

The unit next to us belongs to a Malay family. Had I mentioned that I am staying in a Malay area? It is not that bad but because it is their fasting month, it sucks.

This is our bathroom. As you can see, there ain’t any water heater. Yes, I have to take cold shower regardless cold and hot weather.

Now, the kitchen. Quite sad that I am not able to cook here. Have to eat out every meal, every day. Plus, there is no fridge. Worse! Fortunately we have a small grocery store just below us. Whatever we need, we could just go downstairs and buy them.

Since we are not able to cook in our kitchen, it is usually used as the place for us to hang our clothes when it is raining *winks*

Now the living room-wannabe. My housemates and I are trying to make it comfortable. Previously, there is not that brown floorpaper as well as those chairs. This place is still in the process to be homely as we are still working on it.

So, those are basically the rooms in my living place. Until here, for those who know me well, I believe you must be surprise that a girl like me can stay in such place *grins* And how is my room? Stay tuned for the next post!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Beginning

I believe most of you know that I am finally in Kuala Lumpur, not studying, not on vacation but, to start another whole new chapter of my life. I landed myself a job here and it has already been a week. Things are going pretty alright despite having a not so comfortable place to stay. It is bearable though and I am working on it to make myself feel comfortable in my crib. It sucks to share a room with someone else but it is definitely awesome for not having to pay my accommodation. Save my ass though as I can now focusing to own myself a car. Yeah, that is my target at this moment.


As for work, it is definitely a different experience from what I had in Shanghai. Real politic, real conflict, I heard quite some stories. Instead of fearing, I am actually enjoying learning what people had been through and how they handled it. Unfortunately I have not had my own working desk yet. Isolated in a meeting room, not knowing what is going on at the other side of the wall. Sad case. However, I am fully equipped with a personal printer and scanner despite using my own laptop. Anyhow, how was my first week? It was alright. I did a lot of research on the net and then, loads of reading too. I hope I can pick up real fast so, I could perform well and then a pay rise and then getting a car *grins*

We shall see how it goes then.

Friday, August 20, 2010


It was definitely the best but at the same time, the worst, closure. I knew it will happen someday but I was trying to avoid, not wanting to face it. Since it already happened, I have no choice but to come out from the virtual world and move on with my real life. It was then when I were able to delete all those pictures I were not able to before. Including those self-portraits picture, the way I look into his eyes through the lens of the camera. The most horrendous thing is that I still keep the picture of the little one. Well, at least now I do not have to worry about how he is doing or such as he now has someone who is more worth to take good care of him.

Thanks to my lovely brothers for talking to me over the phone. Yes, both of them. I am still such a baby. Also, my dad who knew about it today. No worries, my friends. You will not lose me. I may be knocked down again but trust me, I can stand up and move on.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Blues

It was in the afternoon when Calvin told me that Aaron and Karina are now in Kuala Lumpur. He then passed my number to Aaron so we could meet up. I went to meet them at Berjaya Times Square after work and it was great to see them again. Peter was there too.

We shared on what we are currently doing and guess what happened after dinner? I followed them back to Tune Hotel to have some drinking session. Thinking back, it sure was my very first time to drink during weekdays ever since I came back to Malaysia. Back in Shanghai, it was really common for all of us to drink during weekdays! We shared our crazy experiences in Shanghai and it was really fun talking about it.

Missing those time though..

Since they will be leaving to India for AIESEC International Congress 2010 the day after tomorrow, I will probably meet up with them again tomorrow. It seems they are planning to go clubbing tomorrow night and went to the airport straight after party.

We shall see how it goes then..

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Magic of Photography

How great it would be if we could turn back the time,

But of course, this is impossible.

However, there is a magic that can stop the time,

And that is photography.


Photography is a magic that can turn a moment into forever.

I really want to forget your day so I do not suffer like now. However, I know you do not really care how I am feeling now because I am no longer important to you and that you had already moved on. Good for you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The biggest investment I made so far after my watch. Who say money cannot buy happiness? Think about it. However, this phone did give me a serious headache and challenges for a few days. Could you believe that I spent a whole afternoon to key in contacts one by one? I am really new to Apple products and am glad that I made it through. Also, after I invested on this phone, my bank balance is going to be insufficient for me to survive when I started my job in Kuala Lumpur. Hope everything goes well for me from this Friday onwards.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Job Offer

Last week was great.

I was invited to fly over to Kuala Lumpur for an interview with flight and transportation fares fully covered. I was offered the position and also, an accommodation. It was indeed a golden opportunity. I was fortunate enough to be recommended there by one person I barely knew and really, I am thankful to him.

Nine more days.

Yes, I will be moving to West Malaysia in nine more days. Honestly, I am really excited. However, at the same time, I am worried. I have to start everything from the beginning again. Though it is easier than when I first went to Shanghai, still, it is going to be challenging.

Next question: what’s the job?

Since the company that I will be working in is an import company, it requires me to travel around SEA and Australasia to introduce our products. But before that, I am required to do a market research to find out our target market as well as our competitors. Customer servicing is expected too. To conclude, I am like a research analyst and market developer but at the same time, doing some admin work and client servicing.

Stay tuned till I start working. It is going to happen in the middle of August, which is nostalgic. It seems predestined. I first left to Shanghai was in the middle of August too. That moment change my life completely. Now, we shall see how things will go from this day onwards...