Friday, August 27, 2010

My Crib: Part Two

I had shown you most of the rooms of my place in my previous post. In this post, I am going to bring you the insight of the main room, my room.

The room with the door opened is my room. The one next to mine is my housemate’s.

It is indeed smaller compared to the one I rented back in Shanghai. And we have two beds in this room. Have I told you that I am sharing this room? Yeah, no more bringing guys back home like I did back in Shanghai lol Just kidding.

That’s my bed, the smallest bed I have ever slept on. Seriously. I have blue and black on my arms and thighs because I did not have enough space to sleep. This bed is even smaller compared to the one I rented back in SS15. And worse quality.

This table was given by the company, for free. They are doing some renovation and is getting rid of old tables so, they asked me if I needed one. Of course I do! Saved me bucks *winks*

My own wardrobe, shared mini-drawer and long mirror. When I first moved in, we did not have those. All we had in the room were two beds, a standing fan and...

...this, where we both shared to hang our clothes. Where did I keep my remaining clothes then? In my baggage, that’s right! I managed to survive that way for a week until I bought myself a wardrobe which burnt a hole as big as 180 MYR.

So, yeah, this is where I am currently staying. Not really sure when I would be moving out since my dad is planning to buy a unit here. I  see myself staying here for at least a year. Hopefully less than that? Now I really miss my room in Jing’an District here. See those last 3 pictures? Look so comfy, right? I am definitely going to have my own dream room, again.

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