Friday, August 20, 2010


It was definitely the best but at the same time, the worst, closure. I knew it will happen someday but I was trying to avoid, not wanting to face it. Since it already happened, I have no choice but to come out from the virtual world and move on with my real life. It was then when I were able to delete all those pictures I were not able to before. Including those self-portraits picture, the way I look into his eyes through the lens of the camera. The most horrendous thing is that I still keep the picture of the little one. Well, at least now I do not have to worry about how he is doing or such as he now has someone who is more worth to take good care of him.

Thanks to my lovely brothers for talking to me over the phone. Yes, both of them. I am still such a baby. Also, my dad who knew about it today. No worries, my friends. You will not lose me. I may be knocked down again but trust me, I can stand up and move on.

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