Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Crib: Part One

Interested to know how I am staying where I am working now? Apart from not being an air-conditioned room, the place is not that bad. It is a simple place for someone who is not going to stay for life. Else, of course you have to do little investment. I did invest, I should say, a lot. I am trying to make myself comfortable. For a girl to leave her comfort zone, her room is her second comfort zone. No matter how sucky your life have become, if you have a cozy room, everything else does not matter anymore. Let me give you an insight of my current place.

This is the verandah. Oh, I am staying on the third floor though. Therefore, this is the first place you will see after you reached the top and then look to your right.

The unit next to us belongs to a Malay family. Had I mentioned that I am staying in a Malay area? It is not that bad but because it is their fasting month, it sucks.

This is our bathroom. As you can see, there ain’t any water heater. Yes, I have to take cold shower regardless cold and hot weather.

Now, the kitchen. Quite sad that I am not able to cook here. Have to eat out every meal, every day. Plus, there is no fridge. Worse! Fortunately we have a small grocery store just below us. Whatever we need, we could just go downstairs and buy them.

Since we are not able to cook in our kitchen, it is usually used as the place for us to hang our clothes when it is raining *winks*

Now the living room-wannabe. My housemates and I are trying to make it comfortable. Previously, there is not that brown floorpaper as well as those chairs. This place is still in the process to be homely as we are still working on it.

So, those are basically the rooms in my living place. Until here, for those who know me well, I believe you must be surprise that a girl like me can stay in such place *grins* And how is my room? Stay tuned for the next post!

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