Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Beginning

I believe most of you know that I am finally in Kuala Lumpur, not studying, not on vacation but, to start another whole new chapter of my life. I landed myself a job here and it has already been a week. Things are going pretty alright despite having a not so comfortable place to stay. It is bearable though and I am working on it to make myself feel comfortable in my crib. It sucks to share a room with someone else but it is definitely awesome for not having to pay my accommodation. Save my ass though as I can now focusing to own myself a car. Yeah, that is my target at this moment.


As for work, it is definitely a different experience from what I had in Shanghai. Real politic, real conflict, I heard quite some stories. Instead of fearing, I am actually enjoying learning what people had been through and how they handled it. Unfortunately I have not had my own working desk yet. Isolated in a meeting room, not knowing what is going on at the other side of the wall. Sad case. However, I am fully equipped with a personal printer and scanner despite using my own laptop. Anyhow, how was my first week? It was alright. I did a lot of research on the net and then, loads of reading too. I hope I can pick up real fast so, I could perform well and then a pay rise and then getting a car *grins*

We shall see how it goes then.

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