Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Long Lost Friends

It was a Facebook status update that made everything happened. From a simple Facebook status update to planning an event to making it happen. All these happened in such a short period of time regardless the number of people that are able to make it. We closed it to meet at Pavilion for a simple dinner to catch up and such. The turn up was better than I had expected though.


Most of us changed a lot from the last time we met. There were people that I had not met for almost 5 years. Can you believe that? Until now, I cannot believe how time can fly really fast.


The last time I met Jennie was few months ago, when I just got back from Shanghai. As for Ching, I guess the last time we met was during this year’s Chinese New Year. Letty? Let me think, I think the last time we hung out was 3 years ago, woah! Fyi, she is my brother’s girlfriend and yet, it has already been 3 years. Time can be really terrifying.


The last time I met Mr. Pilot on the left was about 3 years ago as well, if I am not mistaken. In contrast, the last time I met Mr. Bank on the right was like what, more than 5 years ago? I did not even know he left to Melbourne to pursue his Masters. Now that’s funny. I remember he was taking his Masters but I did not know he was already in Melbourne when he told me so. Guess I never asked?

But it’s all good that everyone is coming back Malaysia. However, it is not a surprise to find everyone not working in Sibu. Sibu is a good place for home but it is not a good place for you if you are seeking for more and better opportunities. That is the major reason why I am here too though a little bit different.

I plan to settle down in this big city.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival this year was somewhat different compared to the previous years. Looking back, I celebrated this festival in many different ways. In year 2007, I decorated the gate with candles and lanterns with my housemates. Then in year 2008, I had a dinner with my brother and his friend. So what’s this year?

I was invited to join my brother and the girlfriend with her siblings for dinner at hers. It was amazing as I managed to taste Sibu in this big city. The ingredients were allegedly brought from Sibu. I miss meelian the most but I know where I could get it here: a restaurant at Taman Connaught. Discovered it two years ago. You can imagine how happy I was at that time.

Sat down and had dinner with people from the same hometown as me. The feeling is unexplainable. I miss home. Very much. After dinner, we had some fun activities awaiting. Some of us were playing Dragonica while the others were playing Wii. Wii is both fun and tiring. Both my arms are sore now. Damn serious, right? Should buy one and act as the device to exercise but have fun at the same time.



Though neither did I walk the lanterns nor lit the candles at a park, it was fun to be able to celebrate this festival with my only relative in Kuala Lumpur, my brother. Now I am looking forward to next year’s. Maybe I would be able to celebrate this with my family. It’s been 6 years since I had this celebration with my family back at home.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

You’ve Got A Dream


好开心 好兴奋 也很愧疚,


看看他 和他谈天 跟他道歉,





他并不想和我见面 和我谈话 听我道歉,




我并没哭 也不觉得好难过,

可能是我料到了吧 他是不会来见我的,






Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vote For Me!

I know this is random and so not me but let’s give this Facebook application a try to see if I would really win a iPod Nano New Generation. Honestly, I do not know how this gadget looks like. Anyway, if I could get at least 350 people to participate this voting event, I will win this new iPod Nano gadget. And if I really received it, you should participate this too!

Alright, let’s cut the crap.

To vote for me, click here and you will see two pictures and of course, choose the one of the right! Simple, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, each person could only cast ONE vote. However, keep voting at other pages on Dope and Nope. You never know you would be one of the 15 monthly winners to win the Monthly Voting Maniac Contest!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Double D

Alright, let’s cut all the emo posts crap and bullshit. My life ain’t dull and boring, alright? September 4th was one of the fun nights that I managed to make it happen. It was especially awesome when most of us could make it and we only talked about it a few days just before ‘the’ night! Such a short period of time and we managed to make it happen. Awesome, no?

The last time we had this girly-girl gathering was almost 2 years ago here. It was so long ago, right?

That Saturday, we had everyone to meet at Sunway Pyramid to have dinner and then, drinks to end the night. We had dinner at Bubba Gump. I did not take lunch that day and I was so hungry that I trembled in hunger. Pity me but the dinner was great and I was more than satisfied. Behold the food!


Mei Yee had dinner with her family so she was not able to join us and therefore, it was just us at dinner. However, she promised to join us for drinks after her dinner though.

Oh, and what’s with that ‘Stop Forrest Stop’? Damn those waiters and waitresses. They were really rude. One of them sent  our food to our table and since we did not have enough eating utensils, we asked from him or her, I don’t remember which gender and guess what we were told? We were told to flip to ‘Stop Forrest Stop’ when we needed them. C’mon, we were doing them a favour not coming to our table countless time. They were really busy but still, they should still keep their manners, right? So remember, if you are dining there, just utilise ‘Stop Forrest Stop’ and ‘Run Forrest Run’.

After food, I have no idea how long we hang around at the place, taking pictures here and there, even after we paid the bills. In fact, that’s what girls will do with girls, right? We just lurveeeee cameras. We hit @live Bar for drinks after we were finally satisfied with the amount of pictures we took.

We bought a bottle of Smirnoff and started to indulge ourselves with drinks and live music. I love the place. It is simple and nice, where you can chill and relax, enjoying or sing along live music with your friends. I believe the people I met in Shanghai will love this place BUT not the music. I am definitely sure they will say the music sucks to the max!

The most awesome thing happened next was we bought ourselves shots. We just couldn’t get enough drinks, could we? To be honest, that night was legendary and it was fun and different to hang out and drink with girls only, compared to having some dudes around us.

I am definitely looking forward to our next gathering but I guess, it is going to be a healthier one, eh?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Beginning

Going back there reminded me of how everything between us began.

It was beautiful. I still remember the walk we had and it was really windy and cold. And the seat, overlooking the open-spaced car park.

Does he still remember all these? Or perhaps, he wishes he could forget all these.

I miss him. But I am not longing for him. Therefore, no, I never had the intention to go after his family and friends. I wonder how he came up with such an idea. Silly him.

I am always wondering if he is doing okay. If he is happy now. If she is treating him right. If he is leading the life he deserves.

In contrast, I guess I do not matter to him anymore. If I am doing okay. If I am happy. If I found someone who will treat me right. If I am leading the life I deserve.

It is easier to forget those words he said to me but it is definitely hard to forget how he made me feel.

Of course I am not going to look back anymore. I will move forward. But I wonder if I am ready for the next one.

What am I talking about? I have not even found someone who is interested in me so, how the hell am I going to be ready for the next relationship.

Anyway, I need to meet new people. Meeting new people always give me different perspective about life. It is like people are the teachers who teach me the subject, life.

Life is simple but at the same time, complicated because we made it that way. So, you see the problem now?

Your life didn’t fuck you. You fucked it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

It’s Good to be Home

I do not deny the fact that I still miss the time I had in Shanghai. It was crazy. It was awesome.

However, have I shared with you the shits that happened during my last few weeks in Shanghai? I guess not but, here it is!

When I first learnt that I had to leave the place earlier than planned, I was both devastated and panicked. Imagine I found out, in one day, I had to leave the place within a week.

It was a horrible experience.

I had to go to Exit-Entry Bureau back and forth for three days straight! Also, I had to change my flight ticket and settled all the contracts I had in one day! And also, I had to end my internship two months earlier!

All these happened because of World Expo 2010.

Due to massive number of foreigners coming into Shanghai, the Chinese restricted their Visa and guess what? There were millions of people and they found me! I was called upon to the police station. A short interrogation. My Chinese isn’t that good so, I brought my Taiwanese colleague with me.

We both knew what to say and what not but still, once you were caught, you are screwed.

Things gotten serious when we were fined and that we have to apply a working visa in order to continue to stay and work in China else you would be escorted back to your home country. Since my internship contract left only two months, the company was not willing to spend money and effort to work on a working visa for me. They even asked me to use tourist visa to work! Could you believe that? You were caught once and now, you want to do it again?

Hell, no!

After thinking for quite some time, I decided to go back Malaysia for good. I was surprised to come into such decision because I was actually looking for a permanent job to stay longer in Shanghai. But I chose not it. I am glad that I chose to come back but we will come to this later.

So, I decided to talk about this matter to my supervisor but due to his not-wanting-to-face-confrontation trait, guess what? Instead talking about it in person with me, he texted me that I could end my internship earlier!

What the fuck was that? It’s like you were breaking up with your girlfriend through a SMS!

It was ridiculous but surprisingly I was calm and managed to solved most of the problems myself and then, told my family members about it after. They were horrified on what I had been through. Also, what they didn’t know was that I scheduled my flight back home earlier. They knew I were supposed to come back at the end of June but guess what? I came back about three weeks earlier than scheduled and I told NO ONE in my family about it. Only my friends in KL knew I was coming home and I had to stayed at my friend’s in that time.

I have no idea why I did that even if you ask me now.

However, I regretted not telling them as the flight back home was not stable. If I died in a crash, no one would know and now, that’s awful.

So, after all those shits happened, I’m glad to be home alas.


Grief may be the strongest thing a person could feel.

However, forgiveness is deemed to be stronger because a single act of forgiveness can change everything.

In my case, grief is the only thing that I can feel as there is nothing I could do to ask for forgiveness for what I had done today, three years ago.

It was the cruelest decision I had ever made and therefore, I will never forget you.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wookibooki Post #02

Didn’t know he would react that way. I guess he was surprised that I was able to find out his new url. Guess I won’t be able to know how he is doing anymore. To be honest, I accidentally found it. It just happened when he just changed his blog’s url. And that’s when I still keep following up with how he has been doing even after I knew he got into a relationship though it was not as often as before.

I only stop visiting his blog when I read him playing music pieces to his girl. It was excruciating to imagine him playing some songs that he used to play for me, to his girl.

However, today, I just felt somehow, I need to check out how he is doing and boy, I was surprised at his latest post. I learned a lot from that post and I could not help it but to leave a comment. Didn’t know he did feel the same way as I do, well, with slightly different.

I no longer feel hurt, knowing him being with another girl. I sincerely think it is nice and great to know that he starts loving again. Plus, she can be there for him whenever he needs her. I don’t think I am the right girl for him no matter how good we look together. I am not noble enough to sacrifice everything for him.

我们没有在一起, 也好..

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Two weeks ago, I was at my friend’s place playing Pictionary. What’s Pictionary? According to Wikipedia, it is a guessing word game designed by Robert Angel and first published in 1985 by Seattle Games Inc. It is played with teams with players attempting to identify specific words from their teammates’ drawings.

Alright, I will cut the bullshit.

To start it off, both Adrian and Ken did not want to be in the same team as Bu and I after we had a first round of all-play game. However, I was paired with Ken versus the cousins. This really challenge your creativity. I had taken a few pictures of interesting drawings for the night.


My first attempt, ‘argue.’ Not bad, right?


Adrian’s. Could you tell what he was trying to tell you? It’s ‘driving’, people. The car on the right and held steering wheels on the left, that shows driving.

Ken’s. Now could you tell what these are? He was trying to tell us sports. We have basketball, shuttlecock and a football. Now, which is which?


Bu’s. He was trying to show Adrian a ‘puppet’. Seriously, I was (am) not able to tell that this is a puppet even though I watch Naruto.


I was trying to draw ‘bus station’ but I ended up drawing bus stop lol


Could you guess it’s a ‘doorbell’? The guys could not so,


I had to draw it separately, a door and a bell.

Adrian’s ‘amusement park’ and


Ken’s ‘profile’ using Facebook’s layout.

There was another funny attempt, ‘star-crossed lovers’. Bu made a mistake and I was whispering to Ken that he’s fucked, lol and he was! It was a great night indeed, just a few of us, chillaxing with Pictionary and then, light painting again. We should do it again!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wookibooki Post #01

Dude, I sincerely want to befriend you. If you are not feeling the same way as I do and fucking around with me, then fuck off!

Or so I wish to say. Or not.

We knew each other approximately four years ago but we had never met each other. Other than posted messages on each other’s walls, sooner or later, we stopped doing it. He was upset over a harsh break up at that time. But I guess he does not remember me.

It was about last year when I was surprised to see him appeared on Facebook but we didn’t speak to each other, just like another name in the list. However, we started contacted each other recently. It was ‘Shanghai’ that brought me to initiate the chat. He had been to Shanghai few months ago. He is a flirtatious guy, I shall say.

But it is not that bad. I am in a recovery stage and whenever I had a bad day, he, unconsciously, made it better. August 17th, 2010 was the day he made a big smile on my face. However, it was such a disappointment a few days after, lol. Still, what matters most is how each day ends.

I am afraid to meet him for the first time as neither do I want my image of him nor his image of me to be spoilt. Oh well, I should just go with the flow since I am having fun at the moment.