Monday, September 13, 2010

It’s Good to be Home

I do not deny the fact that I still miss the time I had in Shanghai. It was crazy. It was awesome.

However, have I shared with you the shits that happened during my last few weeks in Shanghai? I guess not but, here it is!

When I first learnt that I had to leave the place earlier than planned, I was both devastated and panicked. Imagine I found out, in one day, I had to leave the place within a week.

It was a horrible experience.

I had to go to Exit-Entry Bureau back and forth for three days straight! Also, I had to change my flight ticket and settled all the contracts I had in one day! And also, I had to end my internship two months earlier!

All these happened because of World Expo 2010.

Due to massive number of foreigners coming into Shanghai, the Chinese restricted their Visa and guess what? There were millions of people and they found me! I was called upon to the police station. A short interrogation. My Chinese isn’t that good so, I brought my Taiwanese colleague with me.

We both knew what to say and what not but still, once you were caught, you are screwed.

Things gotten serious when we were fined and that we have to apply a working visa in order to continue to stay and work in China else you would be escorted back to your home country. Since my internship contract left only two months, the company was not willing to spend money and effort to work on a working visa for me. They even asked me to use tourist visa to work! Could you believe that? You were caught once and now, you want to do it again?

Hell, no!

After thinking for quite some time, I decided to go back Malaysia for good. I was surprised to come into such decision because I was actually looking for a permanent job to stay longer in Shanghai. But I chose not it. I am glad that I chose to come back but we will come to this later.

So, I decided to talk about this matter to my supervisor but due to his not-wanting-to-face-confrontation trait, guess what? Instead talking about it in person with me, he texted me that I could end my internship earlier!

What the fuck was that? It’s like you were breaking up with your girlfriend through a SMS!

It was ridiculous but surprisingly I was calm and managed to solved most of the problems myself and then, told my family members about it after. They were horrified on what I had been through. Also, what they didn’t know was that I scheduled my flight back home earlier. They knew I were supposed to come back at the end of June but guess what? I came back about three weeks earlier than scheduled and I told NO ONE in my family about it. Only my friends in KL knew I was coming home and I had to stayed at my friend’s in that time.

I have no idea why I did that even if you ask me now.

However, I regretted not telling them as the flight back home was not stable. If I died in a crash, no one would know and now, that’s awful.

So, after all those shits happened, I’m glad to be home alas.

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