Saturday, September 4, 2010


Two weeks ago, I was at my friend’s place playing Pictionary. What’s Pictionary? According to Wikipedia, it is a guessing word game designed by Robert Angel and first published in 1985 by Seattle Games Inc. It is played with teams with players attempting to identify specific words from their teammates’ drawings.

Alright, I will cut the bullshit.

To start it off, both Adrian and Ken did not want to be in the same team as Bu and I after we had a first round of all-play game. However, I was paired with Ken versus the cousins. This really challenge your creativity. I had taken a few pictures of interesting drawings for the night.


My first attempt, ‘argue.’ Not bad, right?


Adrian’s. Could you tell what he was trying to tell you? It’s ‘driving’, people. The car on the right and held steering wheels on the left, that shows driving.

Ken’s. Now could you tell what these are? He was trying to tell us sports. We have basketball, shuttlecock and a football. Now, which is which?


Bu’s. He was trying to show Adrian a ‘puppet’. Seriously, I was (am) not able to tell that this is a puppet even though I watch Naruto.


I was trying to draw ‘bus station’ but I ended up drawing bus stop lol


Could you guess it’s a ‘doorbell’? The guys could not so,


I had to draw it separately, a door and a bell.

Adrian’s ‘amusement park’ and


Ken’s ‘profile’ using Facebook’s layout.

There was another funny attempt, ‘star-crossed lovers’. Bu made a mistake and I was whispering to Ken that he’s fucked, lol and he was! It was a great night indeed, just a few of us, chillaxing with Pictionary and then, light painting again. We should do it again!

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