Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival this year was somewhat different compared to the previous years. Looking back, I celebrated this festival in many different ways. In year 2007, I decorated the gate with candles and lanterns with my housemates. Then in year 2008, I had a dinner with my brother and his friend. So what’s this year?

I was invited to join my brother and the girlfriend with her siblings for dinner at hers. It was amazing as I managed to taste Sibu in this big city. The ingredients were allegedly brought from Sibu. I miss meelian the most but I know where I could get it here: a restaurant at Taman Connaught. Discovered it two years ago. You can imagine how happy I was at that time.

Sat down and had dinner with people from the same hometown as me. The feeling is unexplainable. I miss home. Very much. After dinner, we had some fun activities awaiting. Some of us were playing Dragonica while the others were playing Wii. Wii is both fun and tiring. Both my arms are sore now. Damn serious, right? Should buy one and act as the device to exercise but have fun at the same time.



Though neither did I walk the lanterns nor lit the candles at a park, it was fun to be able to celebrate this festival with my only relative in Kuala Lumpur, my brother. Now I am looking forward to next year’s. Maybe I would be able to celebrate this with my family. It’s been 6 years since I had this celebration with my family back at home.

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