Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Beginning

Going back there reminded me of how everything between us began.

It was beautiful. I still remember the walk we had and it was really windy and cold. And the seat, overlooking the open-spaced car park.

Does he still remember all these? Or perhaps, he wishes he could forget all these.

I miss him. But I am not longing for him. Therefore, no, I never had the intention to go after his family and friends. I wonder how he came up with such an idea. Silly him.

I am always wondering if he is doing okay. If he is happy now. If she is treating him right. If he is leading the life he deserves.

In contrast, I guess I do not matter to him anymore. If I am doing okay. If I am happy. If I found someone who will treat me right. If I am leading the life I deserve.

It is easier to forget those words he said to me but it is definitely hard to forget how he made me feel.

Of course I am not going to look back anymore. I will move forward. But I wonder if I am ready for the next one.

What am I talking about? I have not even found someone who is interested in me so, how the hell am I going to be ready for the next relationship.

Anyway, I need to meet new people. Meeting new people always give me different perspective about life. It is like people are the teachers who teach me the subject, life.

Life is simple but at the same time, complicated because we made it that way. So, you see the problem now?

Your life didn’t fuck you. You fucked it.

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