Friday, September 10, 2010

Wookibooki Post #02

Didn’t know he would react that way. I guess he was surprised that I was able to find out his new url. Guess I won’t be able to know how he is doing anymore. To be honest, I accidentally found it. It just happened when he just changed his blog’s url. And that’s when I still keep following up with how he has been doing even after I knew he got into a relationship though it was not as often as before.

I only stop visiting his blog when I read him playing music pieces to his girl. It was excruciating to imagine him playing some songs that he used to play for me, to his girl.

However, today, I just felt somehow, I need to check out how he is doing and boy, I was surprised at his latest post. I learned a lot from that post and I could not help it but to leave a comment. Didn’t know he did feel the same way as I do, well, with slightly different.

I no longer feel hurt, knowing him being with another girl. I sincerely think it is nice and great to know that he starts loving again. Plus, she can be there for him whenever he needs her. I don’t think I am the right girl for him no matter how good we look together. I am not noble enough to sacrifice everything for him.

我们没有在一起, 也好..

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