Friday, August 28, 2009


That Saturday was another chilling night for the interns in Shanghai. I left home with Arakel to meet up with Meg and Rakki who were already with the rest of the interns at The Bounty. The place was getting really packed before we decided to leave to another bar, Kaiba. It was said that Kaiba serves good beer.

I didn't drink that night and I hadn't had my dinner at that time. It was more like a chilling and get-to-know-people night for me. I was sad to learn that two more interns are leaving. Still, I had a great night with them. It was really fun.

After we're done with our drinks (fyi, I didn't drink), we left to another bar which is my favourite. Maybe because there's a big couch and it gives a homely feel to people. My housemate literally fell into a deep asleep on the couch! Can you imagine how comfortable the place is?

Soon after we're done with chilling and relaxing, a number of us wanted to go to a club to end the night. No, I didn't go. I was too exhausted so I went back with my girlmates :)

Imagine having to club for two nights--straight!

I definitely can't do it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Nightlife Experience in Shanghai!

I ventured into Shanghai’s nightlife for the first time last Friday!

The rooftop
Well, we started off chilling a bit at LAN, a bar, where I got to know a number of trainees in Shanghai. Drank a glass of Shangria and I started to feel tipsy lol!

“Arakel! I feel so dizzy..” and it was so funny! lol!

Sid and Prem

I was not aware what time we left the bar to a club nearby—our first stop. In fact, we went to three different clubs in one night lol! The music was awesome but the dance floor is small. If only it’s as big as Euphoria’s.

That night, Daniel was very protective of me and Rakki. Glad that I have such a thoughtful guy as my housemate and as my friend.

We grabbed a bite at a restaurant nearby before bid everyone goodbye. It was around 5.30AM by the time we reached home (!!!).

So we went to sleep right after that?


Arakel suggested watching a movie at the living room together gether before we turned in. And everyone fell asleep when the movie was played less than 15 minutes lol!

The night was awesome and I am really happy to end my first week in Shanghai this way :)


I am not aware if we have such place in Malaysia but mannn, its Pasta is good! Well, minus the smoothies that I ordered.

My housemate actually ajak-ed me along to teman him to buy a new pair of shoes for the night. What night? Details will be in the next post so, stay tuned.

So, he sort of reminded me of a girlfriend of mine, May lol!

It was my first time to be in Jing’An District and well, it’s a good place where there are nice malls and numerous great restaurants around.


I’ve had enough of it! No more taking bus home!

But one thing good about it is that you have higher chances of getting a seat throughout that 30-45 minutes ride. As for metro, don’t ever think about it.

It was my very first time taking a bus home and it took me almost 2 hours to reach home. One thing was, I was lost. Second thing was, there was a lot of walking to do. Do not even try to compare it to when you take a bus to work.

It was around 7.45PM when I got home. It was really a tiring journey. In fact, I almost died of hunger.

I cooked rice and boiled a soup once I got home and took my shower after whereby the food would be ready by then.

Anyway, I’ve finally opened a bank account—China Merchants Bank—since the company is not paying us either cash or cheque. They transfer. Unfortunately, they are not able to receive my Maybank USD traveller cheque. Therefore, I have no choice but to open another bank account in Shanghai. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, most probably.


After re-re-formatted my PC again and re-installed the Driver, I could finally access to the cyber world!

However, there was nothing for me to do here. I could not even access to the company’s virtual world to test out the games and functions. All I did was do my own personal things ie. Surfing random websites and Gaia Online-ing. Oh, let me show you the office :)

This area is just after the entrance. That’s where the staff hang around, playing table tennis (there should have a PS2) during lunch hour time.

That’s the the office. Very orange, huh? xD

This is where I work

These pictures were taken with the popular stars who casted the games’ characters

One of the managers brought her pet, Yuro, to the office. He’s really adorable. And greedy. I was having my lunch when suddenly I saw him peeping.

My lunch

That’s Yuro—ain’t he adorable?

That night, I joined my housemates for dinner at Da Ning. Megan and I met up the guys, Arakel, Daniel and Lewis, at Saizeriya Ristorante E Café. I was aware that I did not join the talk the most and therefore, I made it up for it when Arakel was telling us that he will be going to Shanghai Zoo. I shared my special elephant show encounter with them.
Some part of Da Ning—it’s like a small city with many shopping malls! Will probably hang around here when the girls are here :)

Saizeriya Ristorante E Cafe

Mom called that night. I told her about me worrying over the expenses in Shanghai and her advice virtually hit me hard. I am no longer in SS15! She encouraged me to know more friends here and that I shouldn’t be worrying over money too much as those money I spent will eventually be earned back.

Thank you, mom for making my day :)

First Day of Work!

It was my first day of work and I was really excited about it. I woke up around 5.40am as I wasn’t used to with the sky getting so bright that early. It was like 7am back in Malaysia!

I was all prepared when it was around 8am. An AIESECer from FDU Shanghai would come and show me the way to the office from where I stay.
There were only walks and bus rides—a turning point in my life.
iLemon has a very colourful office and I like it a lot. Ironically, having such a lively decoration, it’s rather quiet here.

So, what did I do for the first day of my work?

Numerous people asked me that question even before I am here. Basically, I have to act as a Game Master and venture the virtual world, testing out all the applications inside to check if they are working as well as taking note of their English. They usually did a direct translation from Chinese to English which sounds weird and awkward.

My working desk

However, the PC’s OS is in Chinese. Therefore, it has to be reformatted and reinstalled with English OS. It did not go that well as there were no Drivers installed. Fortunately, I have really nice colleagues. They were willing to help a lot to solve the problem

It did not go well throughout the whole day. Since I could not go Online, all I did in front of the PC was to play the games ie. Solitaire, Pinball till it was time to go home.


Hopefully, the PC can be fixed the next day.

Since I am new here, my colleagues are really nice to show me the way to the Metro Station. However, I wasn't taking Metro back home. Instead, I went to meet up with my housemates, Rakki and Arakel, to have dinner together and visit Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower after.

My dinner

That's Rakki from Japan

It was really beautiful but due to wrong timing, I wasn’t enjoyed myself as much and as crazy as typical Angelina will. I believe I will probably go over the tower again, with my new housemates, Szu (a Taiwanese) and Ying (a New Zealander), who will be coming over to Shanghai in September.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Pictures that I’d taken from 263m and 350m

To be honest, currently, I am staying with great housemates but due to not having my own room, I wasn’t comfortable staying there. Imagine you were drop dead tired after work but you do not have a decent and comfortable room right behind a door. In fact, there’s no door in my current ‘room’.

I wish the days will pass faster.

The worst part for the end of the day was I forgot about my boyfriend’s birthday. I’m too selfish.

What a selfish me!

I felt so guilty!

Fortunately, I have a very understanding boyfriend :)

Love you heaps *hugs*

The Risk

Surprisingly, I woke up around 9-ish! Maybe it’s because of my room being too bright.

I got myself headed to the market to get some grocery done ie. rice, vegetables and meats. And I cooked for lunch! I made soup with vegetables and meats mixed together. It’s a healthy and not fattening meal. Hoping to slim down by the time I’m done with Shanghai lol!

That noon was great! I had a board game, The Risk, with my housemates and a friend; Daniel and Nick and Rasto (Dan’s friend). Have you heard of this game? I don't. But now I do. Since it’s more like a Strategy game, I thought I would be the first to get KO-ed but apparently, I survived till the end! No, I wasn’t the winner. However, we played for more than three hours!

There wasn’t much going on that night except I had a chat with my mom over the phone. I miss her and I really do. A lot :)

And I couldn’t sleep well that night as there was an argument going on between a couple in the house but let’s not step into others’ business, shall we? :)

Oh! I got the pictures of my accommodation from my housemate that noon!

The smallest room in the unit and it's located downstairs

The bigger room downstairs

Another bigger room upstairs

The best room in the unit upstairs

Edit: Since I will not be moving into that house, whoever got the room in the last picture is really fortunate. It has the best location where s/he can get the best view of Pudong day and night.

Refugee Spotted!

There wasn’t much fun going on when I first arrived Shanghai.

I am not able to move into the apartment that I am supposed to stay. Therefore, I have to tumpang at a trainee house where some of the trainees stay together. There wasn’t a room available for me and the females’ rooms are too small to share with. So, I was to sleep at a big space next to the stairs upstairs.

That’s how it looks like

And that’s the stairs

Very pathetic, I know

After putting my luggage down and such, I was to go to the Police Station to apply as a Temporary Resident in Shanghai. I was told that it was a MUST to do it. It was around 10am back then and I hadn’t had my breakfast. The last meal I had was in the plane around 2am.

After we were done with the Temporary Resident application, we went to grab something to eat. My very first meal in Shanghai—Fried Rice but it sucks to the MAX! Maybe because I didn’t take a rest after I got down from the plane so I didn’t have any appetite to eat.

Went back to the place to pack my things properly in the room before going out to get some necessaries.

Of all the unfortunate events above, I’m glad to have great housemates :)
That night, I had pizza, beer and football (Chel vs Hull) with two of my housemates, Daniel and Lewis, when the rest of my housemates were out for Linkin Park concert.

Great night, huh?

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Journey in Shanghai

Visa application form, invitation letter, medical report, passport.

IMG_1902 Checked!

Without any hassle, Visa application was a success!


In less than 24 hours, I will be embarking a new journey in Shanghai. I’ll be undergoing an internship there for a year.

Not everything went smoothly but let’s not talk about unhappy things, shall we?

Honestly, during the previous weeks, I was all excited.

Now, I am feeling rather scared and worried.

Monday, August 10, 2009

El Nino Attacking Us!

IMG_1914Even the ants are affected!

As stated here, water rationing will be carried out in Kuching, unless there’s a heavy downpour soon. It hadn’t been raining for the past one week (and more).

However, there was a relatively heavy downpour during the evening. Hopefully, there will be more rain for the next few days.

Do your part—No more water wastage!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fumo Update #03: Another New Girlfriend!

Just got myself another girlfriend!

She is way faster than the previous one.

More capacity.

And wider.

Meet my new girlfriend of my life, Acer 4736G.

IMG_1912I don’t know whether she is a good choice neither do I know whether she has bad rating. All I know is she is definitely way way way better than the previous one.


Plus, instead of being a dull black little one, she comes in my favourite colour—blue!

p.s.: I’m still having a hard time with Windows Vista.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Cheap To Graduate

Think finally you are graduated and that’s it? Think about this. I don’t know about the other colleges and universities but mine is seriously a money sucker.

To think we did not have to ‘pay’ for the ceremony is totally wrong! We paid AUD95 to rent the graduation gown and that’s it. On the day of the ceremony, to pay another RM250 is optional—three on-stage pictures and one group photo. It is undeniable that everyone wants them but THREE on-stage photos? What’s the point?


Oh, and that RM250 inclusive of ‘free’ studio photo shoot but if you want to buy those studio photos, you’re going to have to purchase them online. And trust me, you’re not going to believe this: AUD75 per photo and it’s AUD178 for the CD!


Imagine paying RM232.50 for a photo and RM551.80 for a CD –_- Therefore, you can tell that the school is taking its every last chance to suck out your money before they let you go wtf

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It’s His 24th Birthday!


That’s him—the so-called Sibu LeeHom and the most handsome and cool guy in town as well as the most popular guy in secondary school.

IMG_1844 He loves photography and he’s really good in it. Check out his works here.


He loves Mc Donald’s especially it’s Mc-Valued lunch.

IMG_1863 Very sporting..


..and being crazy and random at times.

IMG_1877But honestly, he’s precious to all of us and that’s our big brother at home.

Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

UTS Graduation Ceremony 2009

This post is seriously backdated. Been pretty hooked up on other posts lol wtf! July 12th 2009 is the day that I had been waiting for for three years. As mentioned here, I have officially graduated!

Dom 501

There are a few people that I wish to thank for having this day come into my life.

Dom 492

First of all, my mother. She’s the one who brought me to this world :) Her motherly love is incomparable and unbeatable. She’s the one who worked very hard during my childhood when my family almost went bankrupt. Though I was under her 24/7-care until I was twelve, it was more than enough.

Dom 503Secondly, my grandma. Ever since my parents started working outstation, my siblings and I were under her care. I was only 12 years old back then. I had been living with her until I finished my SPM and leaving home to KL to pursue my studies. She is one of the major contributors for shaping who I am today. I won’t deny that her scolding, nagging and pestering irritated and annoyed me but, without those, I wonder what I will become.

Dom 568

Next, my brothers. That’s my older brother who is studying in West Malaysia with me except the fact that he’s studying in a different university. As for my baby brother, he was having his exam therefore, he could not make it. My siblings and I are very very very close. We grow up and learn together. Whenever one of us was facing difficulties, we will always put all our effort to help each other. In the time when our parents were working outstation, we had always helped and supported each other :)

Dom 557

And my father. He was the main financial provider for my 4-year studies. Before he did it, he was very concern about me. I remember when I had a break-up with my ex-boyfriend few years back, he called and asked of me if I’m doing good. I really miss that him :(

Dom 617

Dom 594

Then my friends. We had been through on assignments and exams together since throughout our Degree year. This three-year study was the hardest but the most enjoyable and memorable times we shared :)

Dom 621

Especially to these close friends of mine. We had been through together since Foundation year and finally we graduated together!

Dom 631

Finally I did something that I had really wanted! Not only alone but with my friends as well :D

Dom 652

See how happy my Grandma is? She’s able to witness her very first grandchild and granddaughter’s graduation ceremony! Of course, she’s happy! And so my parents :) I am very proud of myself too!

Dom 543

One of my favourite shots from his newly-bought fish-eye lens.

Photos credit to my brother.