Thursday, August 6, 2009

It’s His 24th Birthday!


That’s him—the so-called Sibu LeeHom and the most handsome and cool guy in town as well as the most popular guy in secondary school.

IMG_1844 He loves photography and he’s really good in it. Check out his works here.


He loves Mc Donald’s especially it’s Mc-Valued lunch.

IMG_1863 Very sporting..


..and being crazy and random at times.

IMG_1877But honestly, he’s precious to all of us and that’s our big brother at home.

Happy Birthday!


Josephine said...

If he old hor... Then I lagi old liow...

Happy bday to ur bro!

Knight said...

not old older than 1 year but i dun misbehave in front of foods ...wakakaka :P

Fumoffu said...

Josephine: Hehe. Old one year, wise one year :D

Knight: He's just layan-ing me when I was taking pictures of the food xD

kenwooi said...

happy birthday to your kor kor!! haha.. aiyo jealous la.. my sisters wont hug me like that..!! =P

Fumoffu said...

Hahaha.. She won't hug you like that does not mean you cannot hug her like that marr.. :D :D :D