Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Cheap To Graduate

Think finally you are graduated and that’s it? Think about this. I don’t know about the other colleges and universities but mine is seriously a money sucker.

To think we did not have to ‘pay’ for the ceremony is totally wrong! We paid AUD95 to rent the graduation gown and that’s it. On the day of the ceremony, to pay another RM250 is optional—three on-stage pictures and one group photo. It is undeniable that everyone wants them but THREE on-stage photos? What’s the point?


Oh, and that RM250 inclusive of ‘free’ studio photo shoot but if you want to buy those studio photos, you’re going to have to purchase them online. And trust me, you’re not going to believe this: AUD75 per photo and it’s AUD178 for the CD!


Imagine paying RM232.50 for a photo and RM551.80 for a CD –_- Therefore, you can tell that the school is taking its every last chance to suck out your money before they let you go wtf


kenwooi said...

wow.. really money sucker la... i know during my convo.. the gown rental is rm150.. what???!! like that also wanna rent so much? lol.. and photos.. i think we'll do it back in ipoh.. =P

Fumoffu said...

Taking photos back in Ipoh? You mean you can rent the gown back to Ipoh? Mine had to return within 3 hours after the ceremony. Not even one day T_T