Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taylor’s University College Lakeside Campus

That morning, SJ and May brought me around SS15 and later, Taylor’s new campus. Interestingly enough a lot had changed in SS15. Allegro Cafe and Lynn’s, those two places are gone. Coming back to this place put me into an awkward situation and I believe most of you know the reasons. Anyway, moving on to this infamous money-sucker institution’s new campus.


To be honest, I was amazed and I wish I were one of the students here. This place is huge and you have everything within the campus. There are a lot of cool vendor machines as well as cafes. There’s a huge food court at the bottom of the building. Also, you will get to meet different people from different programmes. Unfortunately, I prefer our old lecture theatres that are more comfortable not to attend the lectures but, to sleep.

One of my favourite places in this campus is the library. I really love the library. However, I don’t think I would be able to concentrate to study in this most comfortable place in the campus. And I guess it’s more like a place for people to socialise rather than study.


IMG_6584 IMG_6585

However, this campus is yet to be perfect. The view is not as beautiful as shown in the video or model. The water is dirty and I believe the lake with no fountain or whatsoever, it’s gonna smell and there will be a lot mosquitoes flying around, attacking the students here.


Also, the staircase is ugly and the walls are not painted. I guess Taylor’s was in a rush to start running this campus.



With this big investment on the campus, there’s no doubt that the tuition fees have increased and will keep increasing. Also, students would not be able to get cheap and nice food in this new place. I’m fortunate that I left the place earlier.


TOLANIC said...

I like without the paint!

Ariff Suffian  said...

I was thinking about going there next year

Fumoffu said...

Tolanic: Hmm.. At least they do the cement better? lol!

Ariff: Oo.. well, no doubt it's a great place to be in :)

kenwooi said...

first time looking into the new campus of taylor's.. =)

M-Knight said...

nice campus

suhaisweet said...

Very nice n cool friend..Something special for u.. Don’t Miss it!

goingkookies said...

hmmm.. interesting.. but where on earth is this new campus? at least subang wasn't that far.. hehe

i only went to TAYLOR'S for SAM.. great year.. great memories.