Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dinner with Interns

and a few AIESECers at Kim Gary, Sunway Pyramid.

I was there since 4.45PM after my gym session. Without wasting my time, I went shopping. Yeah, alone.

There was a special one-day-sale that day so there were a lot of people lining up to withdraw their money at ATMs. I could not believe that I bought a lot of items and poor me, carried all those bags myself =(

Anyway, it was around 8.30PM when ST called me. After meeting up with Mario, Carlos (and his girlfriend) and Ke Vin, we proceeded to Kim Gary after 15-20 minutes of discussing where to eat.

The dinner did not turn out good as what I had expected. I was very hungry and by the time my food reached in front of my eyes, I had a good appetite to finish it off quickly. However, the mood was destroyed because of sigh. If you were at the scene, you would wish that you were never at the scene.

This is the picture that I took before I left with ST. Glad that she memang plan to leave earlier

As I was going to bathe, KV called me out for yam-cha at JS Mamak with JK and VX. We ended up in chatting in my room again and this time, we took a picture of us. They left practically around 2.00AM in this case earlier than before :D

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday, Adrian!

to Adrian-kun!

So how did we celebrate his birthday?

Well, we had BBQ at his place.

How did it go?

Poor Adrian. It rained heavily for a few hours. However, it did not break his birthday spirit :D

While Chr and Adrian's brother were trying to light up the fire, the rest of us were fooling around, camwhoring XD

Being in jail

Being funny

Being farmer

And finally, the food's here and we could eat all we want!

Look at Bubu. He's so happy munching chicken wing. Aww, it reminds me of someone back at Berjaya Hills XD

And it all started again when Ken took his picture with Adrian's brother's lab goggles.

Guess who?

Oh, btw, Adrian was super speechless to see us watching National Geographic and this classical old Chinese series XD

Our source of entertainment in the living room.

Eventually, it was the moment of gold that we'd been waiting for:

the Birthday cake

Birthday song

and picturessss!

He just could not stand still for a second =.=

His family

Cousin #1

Cousin #2

Good buddies

Before we ended the day, we played a few games together. We played two card games and the second game was the best! We had all those nonsense annoying rules ie. cannot say drink, cannot say yam, cannot say cannot, cannot say turn, cannot sit with both legs, must drink with two hands, cannot point, cannot say people's names, cannot say zhi doi. Omg! It was really tough!

The next few games would be an acting game with a few themes ie. movies, singers and actors or actresses, animals, as well as occupation.

By the time we left Adrian's place, it was already 3.00AM! Hence, guess what time I reach home? 3.30AM! I believe Chr reached home around 4.30AM

Anyway, all in all, the whole party thingie turned out to be a good one.

And again, I want to wish Adrian a Happy 21st Belated Birthday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Sexy Friend

Special note to you-know-who: You said that I made a short post for you. Therefore, I am making a longer one for you now :D

I got to know this girl back in the early year of two double o five. She is a very special and unique girl. Both of us were always been bullied by those naughty evil KL monkeys. I wonder how we started off calling them monkeys -- from Mr. WAWL I guess. The way she laughs, she smiles, and her expressions have always been commented by people; both good and bad. She lurvess to help her friends' blood circulation -- if you know what I mean that is. Anyway, I will stop my crap and proceed to the objective of this post.

This is her, on the left (ignore the girl on the right), back in the early year of two double o five. Young look I shall say; we just graduated from Form 5.

Ignore what we were trying to do This is her, now on the right (ignore the one on the left), back in the early year of two double o six. Her hair grows longer and prettier.

I believe I do not have to point out which is her; ignore the non-related person. This picture was taken back in the early year of two double o seven. In short, early of last year. She changed her hair-style and same goes to me :D

You know which is her already (the girl who's wearing a black top). We sent her off to Sydney early of this year; yeah, year two double o eight.

Now, for the moment that we have been waiting forrrrr











Look who's the sexay girl in the block! Phewwwwwwitt!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gathering @ Casa Subang

where Jason, one of my ex-housemates, and his girlfriend -- and the girlfriend's brother -- are currently staying. Initially, the plan was a failure as he had to go back to his hometown during weekends. Nevertheless, it was a last minute notice from him that he is not going back. Therefore, with last minute arrangement, we managed to get David, another one of my ex-housemates, and his girlfriend to join us.

We had dinner together at SS15 before we left to Jason's place. Poor David and his girlfriend who took more than 1 hour from SS2. What a massive and terrible traffic jam.

We toured around the apartment and honestly, the place is amazing!

The swimming pool is magnificent!

Great basketball court

And the best part is, the apartment has built-in mamak!


The unit is small and comfy. It makes me have a whim to move into Casa Subang as well -- I was thinking of taking up a job here (instead of going back Sarawak) after I graduate.

The guys + David's girlfriend ( who's watching the game) were playing Counter Strike while I was reading a magazine while watching tv.

After 1 hour or so, it was the moment we were waiting for.

Guess which?












Of course the right bottle -- Heineken.

Our bartender

and his pay

Last week, I had been drinking a lot -- Thursday and Friday. I better stop else I am going to get a big tummy which is a BIG NO-NO SITUATION!

Farewell gathering @ Waikiki Bar

for both Nina and Amber, two of the Angels of TOMORROW 2008.

I am really proud of them, looking at the impact that they made (together with Eric and Rabbit) on the kids back at the Home.

We had a farewell gathering for them at Waikiki Bar on Thursday night; Leon, Peg-gy, Jason, WC and I.

The red couple

The white threesome

And the black couple

It was Ladies night that night and so, each lady got herself a free drink -- Waikiki Breeze

Chats, laughters, musics and of course, not to forget poses!

There, we bumped into Jasper, a long lost friend (!!!) and also got to know a new intern from NZ, Eric.

Also, before we left, Nina, WC and Jason danced together!

Enjoy the video below:

And btw, I saw this very lengchai Japanese guy (even the boyfriend and Jason said so) but I did not get to know him. What a pity.