Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liverpool FC Training Session@Stadium Bukit Jalil

July had been one of the great months so far! I had a blast from the beginning of it up until now, though shits happened in between but let us ignore that.

Firstly, it was the very well anticipated group trip with my friends. And secondly? Of course the coming of The Reds to Malaysia for a friendly match with our country’s team! It was the The Reds first time to be in Malaysia! Some people had been waiting for this moment for the past forty years! I feel fortunate to have seen them right before my eyes in my twenties.


However, I am so disappointed (yeah, I still AM) that Gerrard was not able to join this year’s Asia Tour. I was so looking forward to see him! I do hope they will come again next year or the year after next else I would just be more aggressive and make my way to Anfield! Desperate? Hell yeah!


So, there I was, among the 30,800 fans to conquer the stadium on Thursday evening about 6.30pm. It was my very first time to be in Stadium Bukit Jalil and also to see professional football players right before my eyes! Good thing that I brought my camera with mean lens (well, have to thank my honey for purchasing it) to capture that day’s moment. Though it was not sunny, it was still stuffy and I was sweating a lot.


The Reds finally showed up and the fans were so excited and motivated that we cheered most of the time. I learnt after the day that The Reds landed Malaysia during the wee hours and despite having lack of rest, they made a good 2-hour performance for us. I am touched. From that training session itself, I learn to identify more football players.


I really had fun and definitely look forward to the real match between The Reds and The Tigers. Also, it was because the match would be my very first football match date with my honey. Poor honey, he had to drive all the way from Penang on Friday night to catch the match on Saturday evening and then drove back to Penang on Sunday night. Fortunately, I was able to follow him back.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Point One Bu Group Trip@Malacca

Our last Saturday was mostly on walking and eating.

New folder2

Lazy bums like us missed the complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Some of us left earlier to have breakfast while some of us slept a bit longer and headed out latter, in hunger.


We had Malacca’s famous chicken rice balls and then walked around Jonker Walk getting souvenirs and food. Jeta Groves is closed and therefore, I were not able to bring them to try this very delicious durian chendol.


Of course I would not miss the chance to have this full attendance group picture. And oh, finally we met someone’s special one and it was indeed our pleasure to finally know who he is. I personally hope he would be able to join us more in the future.

Anyway, where’s next?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Friday Night@Malacca

Last Friday night was bawesome!

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It has been five freaking years since we last had a group trip. We may have a few group trips in the past but I am talking about the people involved here.


Loads of drinking were involved and I am surprised that I have funny drunk friends that I have never noticed!

New folder1

The married couple did not join us that night. Very unfortunate that they missed that legendary night.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How Arguments Can Be Solved


This is the sequel from the previous post.

On the surface, a man may seem to be arguing about the issue but the real reason is he does not feel loved.

A basic argument pattern:

A woman expresses her upset feelings about ‘XYZ’

A man explains why she should not be upset about ‘XYZ’

She feels invalidated and becomes more upset. She is now more upset about being invalidated than about ‘XYZ’

He feels her disapproval and becomes upset. He blames her for upsetting him and expects an apology before making up.

She apologises and wonders what had happened, or she becomes more upset and the argument escalates into a battle.

A man should practise not to blame her for being upset. Instead, he should seek to understand how he had upset her and show her that he cares. Even if she was misunderstanding him, if she felt hurt by him, he needed to let her know that he cares and is sorry.

When she would become upset, the man learned first to listen, then to try to understand what she was upset about and then to say “I’m sorry that I upset you when I said –”

However, apologizing can be very difficult sometimes.

Men rarely say “I’m sorry” because for them, it means you have done something wrong and you are apologising.

On the other hand, women say “I’m sorry” as a way to say “I care about what you are feeling”. It does not mean they are apologizing for doing something wrong.

To avoid pain, it is important to recognise how men unknowingly invalidate and how women unknowingly send messages of disapproval.

Arguments and quarrels can be avoided if we can understand what our partner needs and remember to give it.