Monday, August 27, 2012

Photobook Review: Fisheyephotobooks

Back in June, I bought a photobook deal from Groupon and the merchant is Fisheyephotobooks. According to “How It Works”, I should receive my photobook within 21 working days after I had successfully submitted my order. I successfully submitted my order on June 29th, 2012 which means I should be receiving my photobook by July 30th, 2012. I waited with no complaints at all. However, after 21 working days, I did not receive my photobook at all. Therefore, I decided to drop an email to them and sadly, no response from them.

I went to Fisheyephotobooks’ Facebook page and since they occasionally update their page, I decided to post my inquiry on their wall as shown below. I am not alone - there are many unhappy customers who complained on Fisheye’s after-sales service and late delivery.



Also, like what the other customers had experienced, my posts got deleted and no one had gotten back to me on my order – neither in email nor Facebook. I posted four posts in total, including the post above, and it got deleted as shown below:


Unless you are fine to wait for months for your order to reach your doorstep, do place your valuable order with other companies: Photobookmart, Pixajoy and Wedoo Photobook. I had personally placed my order with them. Not only their delivery was efficient and fast, the quality of their photobooks are up to expectation.

Currently Fisheyephotobooks is having another deal with Groupon. It is totally up to your decision whether to purchase the deal. Up until now, I have not received my photobook from Fisheyephotoooks.
The pictures below show the details of my fourth wall post. I was smart to take screenshots of it. You will not be able to find it on their wall. They had deleted it.












Mee said...

Hi. Thank you for posting your review. Was about to temp fate as Groupon is offering the same tempting offer. Lucky me a guardian angel (...of my wallet a.k.a. You) has posted this review. Thank you again :)

Fumoffu said...

No problem :)

I do not want anyone to waste their time and money on inefficient provider. Better spend on another company that provides better service :)

Mee said...

Shared it on my FB. Hope you don't mind :)

Fumoffu said...

Nope, I would not mind that. I want everyone to be aware too :) up until now I have not received my photobook yet :(

They said it will arrive to my doorstep two weeks from 24th August. I am very FRUS!

Linda said...

Then have u received your photobook now? Sadly I've bought 3 of their vouchers from Groupon! And now they've closed their fb account!! (Just wanna know whether the book will actually arrive or not, eventually)^^

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, I had received it after 2 months like that. Since you bought it from Groupon, you can contact Groupon personnel to follow up with Fisheye for you since it is one of their merchants. It is difficult for us to reach Fisheye so I think through Groupon, it will be easier. That was why I finally received my book. You should do the same if you want to follow up on your order with Fisheye through Groupon :)

mary khoo said...

I bought 10 books from them!! :(
Like you said, i keep emailing them and they don't reply and when they do they say they will call me but they don't. Groupon customer service is also VERY slow..frustrated!!!

Adelina Kusuma wardhani said...

Hi, i'm from Indonesia, and i just bought one of their books also from groupon! :( its so frustated that its been 30 days and i didnt receive my order :'( they said it will arrive this early week, but they dont show up!! So frustrated!!!!

Dina Hapsari Savaluna said...

I really wish I read this blog sooner. I got fooled too by this fisheye Indonesia. I also bought a voucher from Groupon Indonesia, and I have been putting effort to design the album and waited for a month excitedly. I have wired some money for the delivery toom The groupon indonesia is quite responsible they said they will refund my voucher, but it's not only about the money. It showed that Groupon does not apply the good corporate governance and precaution especially if it happened too in other country. I managed to track one of the persons related to the fisheye indo, Something Merry, I think she is the franchise holder or something. Firstly she picked up my phone and very nice she said she will check in the office, but then she disappeared. She rejected my phonecalls. At the end I texted her that I felt cheated and disappointed becoz I feel like fisheye tries to run away. And she replied arrogantly that she has terminated partnership with the voucher providers like Groupon. But then I replied that it is against the law it's even a crime, it's posteriori and neglect consumer rights and she said she is not afraid of being sued becoz her uncle is a lawyer. What kind of shit was that? It is true the fisheye photobooks is a total scam ! And Groupon should not have advertised them becoz I trusted Groupon and took it for granted that their marchant is real.Btw, if anyone got scammed too by the fisheye indonesia, this is the number of Merry the arrogant lady I talked about, 081286494652. I am thinking to report this case to YLKI (Indonesian Consumer's rights protection body), it will take nothing to draft a complain and send it, but if all of us do the same I think they will do something.