Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: Watch Out! A Male Staff of Heritage Hotel Ipoh Caught Peeping Inside the Ladies!

This incident had brought a big impact on me. I was supposed to enjoy this one-day trip in Ipoh with my friends and this happened. I spent all night at the police station and missed out all the fun that my friends were having.

Up until now, when I closed my eyes to sleep, I can still recall what had happened inside the ladies.

It is a big trauma for me!

Hopefully time will heal..

Therefore, please spend a few minutes to continue reading if you want to protect yourselves (to ladies) and to protect your beloveds (to ladies and gents). This is a real story of mine..


Heritage Hotel Ipoh

Lobby - Female Toilet

My friends and I reached Heritage Hotel Ipoh on 1st September 2012, at about 3.00pm. We were at the lobby, waiting for the receptionists to work on our bookings. Seeing a few of my female friends went to the toilet, I decided to go after.

I was alone, thinking nothing bad will happen since we are in a hotel. It is a high-rated hotel and I saw local artistes earlier checked-in at this particular hotel as well. There were a group local actors and actresses who stayed there for a night as there's a fan-meeting function at Kampar. As I went into the ladies, I check on each cubicle, looking for the "squatting" one. There are four cubicles in total. However, there is no "squatting" cubicle. Therefore, after getting the toilet roll at the end of the ladies, I walked back and went into the first cubicle.

I was done (but still sitting on the toilet seat) and I saw a shadow walked pass the door in front of me. There was no footsteps' sound at all. There was no sound of the door opened and closed just like when I first came in as well. I knew something was wrong.

I took the hose and run the water inside the toilet (I was still sitting). Then I put the hose back and looked up to my left. I stared blankly at the ceiling and...


I was so frightened and the first thing I did was to SCREAM though I knew no one may not be able to hear me. Plus, I did not bring anything with me, including my handphone! At least it scared him and he ran outside. I stood there for a while, scared that maybe another person may still be outside waiting for me.

When I ran outside, I asked my friends if they saw a man ran out of the toilet. They did not see anyone. The guys then reported to the security guard. We were not allowed to watch the CCTV even though we requested. I went back to my room at about 3.50pm when the security guard called us at about 4.00pm. They asked us to go to one of their meeting rooms on the first floor.

The management had watched the CCTV and the culprit is one of the hotel's staff. The lady in charge of this issue at that time was Ms. Karen Boey Wang Mun, the Executive Housekeeper(she claimed herself as the Housekeeper Manager). They managed to bring the culprit in after we requested. 


This particular culprit is from Nepal! We were not even sure if he has a working permit in Malaysia. They did not want us to make a police report ourselves and to spread this case, wanting to take care of the hotel's image since Heritage Hotel Ipoh is a 4-star hotel. Therefore they offered to solve this case internally.

We voiced out what would satisfy me since we were supposed to have a happy trip in Ipoh until this happened - to give me and my friends a free night stay (10 rooms in total). Unfortunately, they are not willing to accommodate what we wanted and instead, give us a ridiculous counter offer! – Offer one free night stay for ONE room and free buffet for me and my friends as an entertainment – after she had a discussion with the “manager”. She did not want to reveal who the “manager on duty” was and the contact number of this “manager”. What a cowardly action!

Since we could not get into an agreement, I requested the hotel to write an apology letter with the hotel’s letter head. The person then told us off that if we wanted to report to the police, we could go ahead. It was already 7.00pm by then. We were pretty sure that this may not be the first incident since they were able to handle this issue so calmly.

Anyway, what the fuck? Who's the victim over here? And they think we cannot afford ONE night and buffet?! What made me even mad is the lady said the following:

"Fortunately I am being honest here" - meaning she could have hidden the CCTV and denied everything! And even hid her staff!

"No one knows what exactly happened inside" - WTF! Meaning I created it?!

Therefore I chose not to continue to negotiate anything with the hotel management and went ahead to make a report at the police station after dinner. I was emotionally stable by then.

After I was done making a statement with an inspector, I went back to the hotel with the inspector to take some pictures of the place where the incident happened. It was my first time to take a ride inside a police car.

IMG_14511The police statement I made

IMG_1361That’s the washroom

IMG_1363The culprit could have run inside here after I screamed


After that, all I wanted was to get back to Penang as soon as possible. I reached home at about 4.30am. It had been a long day.

Therefore, I want to share this bad experience of mine to everyone that it pays off to be vigilant no matter where you are. Ladies, just get a friend or two with you if you wanted to go to the ladies and gents, please follow them and wait for them right outside the ladies.

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Navaneetham Krishnan said...

What a terrible incident. Luckily the CCTV did all the work and also the management.