Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Food Review: Sushi Zento@Precinct 10, Penang

It was our 600th days together that day and he decided to make the day a bit different. I did not know that he was going to bring me out for dinner as I had my dinner at home. We went to Sushi Zento, Precinct 10. Actually I had been to a few Japanese restaurants in Penang and I could not find a place that is comparable to Sushi Zanmai. Guess what? I have finally found it!


We ordered a few dishes and they are all pretty good. The first dish was Buta Reisei (sliced pork). You should eat it with a sauce that came together.


Next was Umi Budou (sea grapes), a special order that is not in the menu. Now, please take note that special orders have special price. Therefore, think twice before you order, okay? This Umi Budou is the smallest and also the most expensive dish of all the dishes that we ordered.


The third dish was Komitamago to Bacon Salada. It is basically a salad with bacon so there is nothing extraordinary about this dish. I was just too full so I ordered salad whereas the boyfriend ordered Kyushu Ramen.


Finally the moment that I had been waiting for – Rolls Royce Roll and it did not let me down. They are not cheapskates with the sushi’s filling therefore once you had a mouthful of it, you do not feel like something is missing.


Now I have a place to go to when I am craving for good sushi. However, I still miss Sushi Zanmai.

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