Monday, June 22, 2009

Gold Coast: Day 08

We woke up around 8.30AM as we had to check out by 10AM. It was very windy that morning — cold. However, we still saw people walking around with short-sleeves and shorts! (Geng)


Since Big Breakfast was really expensive, we went for Budget Breakfast at Primo Caffe—a toast, tomato, bacon, an egg with a complementary coffee or tea.

We dropped by Coles to get Strepsils for the beau before we headed to QDeck with the help of Ms. G (GPS fyi).


It is definitely a MUST to go when you are in Gold Coast.

IMG_0097You would not want to miss this spectacular 360 degree view of the entire Gold Coast on the 77th floor at the Observation Deck.


Qdeck is not something like our Kuala Lumpur Tower — Gold Coast Tower. It is actually an apartment! Plus, you can hold a private function in its function room.


Imagine having this magnificent view right before you when you woke up (if you are one of Qdeck’s residents) or having to have a birthday party or wedding party, looking over the splendid night view of Gold Coast.

IMG_0162 Ashley! Joyce! Can see me kah? xD

Next was Habour Town, which is situated a few kilometers away from Surfers Paradise.




Like the pictures described, the place is like a heaven to me — sales are everywhere lol

I bought two tops for my dad (Father’s Day) and never did I fail to get at least a top for myself –_- How lar save money like that?




IMG_0184 IMG_0191  Basically, this is how Habour Town appear like :D

IMG_0195Bought strawberries and vegetables, and had sushis after before we left. We were going to cook for dinner at home tonight!

The main chef was the beau — with a simple yet taste okay-lar-acceptable-lar dinner.

IMG_0217 Our overcooked vegetables

IMG_0218 These were really nice — eggs and honey ham


Our main dish — Mee Goreng lol

The beau had been driving around a lot lately (while I fell asleep in the car wtf) and was worn out. Therefore, there is no special activity for the next day other than joining Hillsong Church with his brother and the girlfriend :P

11 comments: said...

wow nice city view!
haha the homecook food looks nice =)

Fumoffu said...

Memang nice lerr.. I am envious of Aussie :S The government treat them so damn nice. And they treat everyone equally :S :S :S
Regarding the homecook, haha, we could not finish it lol even though we were so hungry :D :D 4 packets of mee goreng lerr XD

TOLANIC said...

Fuahhh. The housing area looks so nice. Surround by river and lake. Awwww! I want to pindah there lah. =)

Mike Yip said...

nice write... :D mind if you do a review of your travel on my ? just follow the format of the existing post for an idea how the thing should look like.

And I'll put up a link-back back to your site.

Fumoffu said...

Tolanic: Yalor! I was amazed, you know? I just could not stop taking pictures! The housing area is just so amazing! lol! Wish we could have sth like this in our own country :S

Mike: Sure! But I will take some time to make it a good one, is that okay? My travel in Gold Coast is more like a budgeted one (can help those who are in tight budget, perhaps? :D).

goingkookies said...

Your photos are awesome!

Clear, bright, sharp and just breath taking. May i know what camera did you use?

Fumoffu said...

Thanks :D

And yeah, I am glad that I got the right camera :) Initially I wanted to get Canon Ixus 100S but it's very expensive.

In the end, I got myself a Canon PowerShot SD1200IS. But it does a great job. You see those pictures? I do not have to do basic editing!! :D :D

goingkookies said...

ooh.. but it's really good!!

oh i was looking at canon isux 80 cos of my budget..

btw, how much is Canon PowerShot SD1200IS?

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, I didn't know it did a very good job. Honestly, it was out of my expectation lol!

Urm, I got it here, last week only :D My BF promised to get me a new camera but since it is out of his budget, I forked out AUD100, some how. It costs around AUD390 and it comes with a 4G memory card (worth AUD64).

TOLANIC said...

Hmmm, I think it’s impossible to make it in Malaysia. Plus our weather not so nice as theirs. =)

Fumoffu said...

Hahaha! But when it's Summer in Aus, I guess we are happy that we are in Malaysia where the temperature is almost stable throughout the whole year lol!