Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brisbane: Day 02

I woke up around 12.30PM just in time to go out for lunch xD

The boyfriend brought to Little Taiwan Singapore for some Chinese food. I know it sounds very stupid for me to have Chinese food in Australia when I had come all over from Malaysia but trust me, I have not had such dishes when I was back in my hometown –_-

P120609_13.55I miss mamak! Fyi, no mamak in Kuching. If there is, please let me know. I am craving for mamak session :'(

P120609_14.07 As well as nice Wan Tan Hor T_T


Can you tell how happy I was to see them? Oh ya! From the picture above, you can tell how big portion the food are here –_- No wonder the boyfriend’s face grew horizontally xD

P120609_18.23 This is the boyfriend :) He was lying on my lap (sleeping soundly? God knows.. lol) when I was surfing the net.


leechon said...

yeah...sometime i miss mamak too..i am now at my own hometown also..

btw...i have nanged urs..can help me nang as well??


Fumoffu said...

Nang-ed :D said...

lol no mamak in kuching?
no place to go supper edy.. haha.. =D

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, no genuine mamak here. Only restaurants where Malays open geh. We don't have many Indians here :S