Thursday, June 11, 2009


We are able to see each other again after being apart for 151 days. And trust me, it is really worth the waiting :)


4 comments: said...

ahhh..sweet! =)

Fumoffu said...

Thanks :D

goingkookies said...

OMG!! you so remind me of me.

My bf is also in brisbane. Previuosly he was studying there but now have graduated and am looking for a job!

When I first went to visit him in 2007, the first day we took holding hands pic like urs!!

Your chronicles of your Brisbane trip really brought me back to when I first went to visit my bf too!!

Fumoffu said...

Really?? It's great to know another LDR couple xD

I believe LDR does not stand a chance to break us apart! ROAR!! :D :D