Friday, June 12, 2009

Brisbane: Day 01

Much to my expectation, until now I could not imagine myself landing here and seeing the boyfriend everyday (for the next 15 days).


A number of you must have thought that I had already planned this out months ago. In fact, that is not the case. It was only planned a week or so before I made my escape to Australia in time for its winter from our increasingly hot country.

And dang! I did not sleep throughout the journey. I brought 2 pillows but none of them are useful. You can imagine how pain my neck and arses are for those freaking 8-hour flight.


To kill time, I brought PSP. Unfortunately, it was no fun for me. Since I was taking the night flight (that’s the only flight wtf), and could not sleep at all, my eyes were seriously hurting. Since PSP did not do the job right, I have my MP3 player to entertain myself instead, as quoted by Sook Theng, ‘sitting uncomfortably will make 8 hours seem like 8 days’ (2009).

Once I reached the boyfriend’s house, you could not imagine how happy I was – to be able to shower, brush my teeth, wash my face and sleep comfortably on the bed.


My late lunch after I woke up from a nap.

DSCN6491The boyfriend then took me to a park nearby his place. It was so cold and I regretted for following the boyfriend to not wearing a sweater and long pants. However, I am blessed that I am smart enough to bring a shawl along.

So, what’s so special about this park?


We both love dogs and tell me, where can I find this in Malaysia? This is where you can see all kinds of dog breeds and all are in good health and well-shaped.

Okay, now let me introduce my new friends here.

P110609_17.09 This is Prince. He reminds me of Whitney who is roughly the same breed as him. Whitney is died of old age many years ago. My family picked him up from the roadside. Terrible for a man to leave such brilliant dog by the roadside.


And that’s Romeo (Terrier), meeting a new friend, Gust (Labrador). Romeo is an over-protective dog while Gust is otherwise. While the boyfriend and I were watching the dogs chasing each other, the owners were sharing and exchanging tips and information on dogs breeding.

P110609_20.57Later that night, the boyfriend’s brother brought us to Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon for dinner as a welcoming gathering for me.  I had




pumpkin soup (it was more like a pumpkin cream)

 P110609_19.41 Caesar salad (the boyfriend’s recommendation)


and finally, my main course, T-bone.

The chips are really yummy. As I was told by a myth-turns-out-to-be-a-fact, the servings are really big! As much as I wanted to finish them up, my stomach could accept food no more :S


This is a great beginning of my trip and I am looking forward for more to come :D


@ngelin3 said...

wow wow...finally!! haha..
I still remember I listened to my ipod for the whole 9 hours back from Melb to KL and the whole 8 hours here from KL to Melb :S Couldn't sleep at all...sang fu lo studying so far!~ haha..

You'll surely enjoy Australia!! :D How long will you be there for?

Fumoffu said...

Hello babe!
I don't know if I have to agree with you -- sang fu studying so far -- cos Australia is really a nice place to stay -- but definitely not during summer xD
Well, I will be here for the next 15 days, count from the day I landed here :) said...

wow the food..
the portion so huge...
looking yummy! =D

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, no wonder people do grow horizontally when they come over here :D :D