Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brisbane: Day 10

Heard of Mt Coot-tha (pronounced Mount Cootha) in Brisbane? How about Lookout Point in Kuala Lumpur? If yes, Mt Coot-tha is just like our Lookout Point, has a breathtaking panoramic views of Brisbane city.

That Saturday, we asked Summer out for dinner and we planned to have a nice dinner at a nice restaurant at Mt Coot-tha. However, it was close for private function wtf




Anyways, I did not fail to capture the nightview of Brisbane’s city . They don’t come out bad, do they?

Since the restaurant next to our initial restaurant does not worth the spending, we decided to leave the place and headed to a restaurant recommended by the boyfriend’s friend (where Summer had her first meal when she landed Brisbane).


La Dolce Vita

Since we were sitting at a not so strategic place, I could not take pictures of its interior but food? Of course!

IMG_0348 Our starter — Pizza Bianca

IMG_0349 My main dish — Capelli D’Angelo and I really love it (and definitely miss it)

IMG_0350 Summer’s — Spaghetti Alla Marinara


The beau’s — Ravioloni Di Bufala

Poor boy. He did not know it come out this way. It was out of our expectations as well. We thought it is something wayy better than this lol It was very creamy and cheesy — which the boy dislikes the most xD


cHrIstInA_YY said...

Hey, I love the night view at Mt Coot-tha, been there once =) said...

wow the night view is nice.. from the picture not that prevailing but im sure what you see there is totally awesome compared to what i see on the picture.. haha.. =D

Fumoffu said...

christina: Omg! Your pictures are WAY nicer than mine *sob* And I missed the Wax Museum in Gold Coast T_T

ken: Hahaha. What to do? I am still new with the camera so wasn't sure what mode or how I should do it to make a nicer night view *sob* Will definitely improve my photography skill. ROARR!!

goingkookies said...

i ve been to mt cootha.. and with ur sd1200 ( i think it's the same as ixus95) the pic u took is pretty impressive lor..

Fumoffu said...

I want to go up there again but see how lor lol! And thanks for the compliment :D Will improve better (wait till I am familiar with its function first)