Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gold Coast: Day 07

Was the day that we went to Gold Coast :D We were supposed to wake up at 10AM but typical us, we slacked and therefore, was behind the schedule.


On the way to Gold Coast.

DSCN6884 with the help of Ms G

It took us around 45 minutes to reach our destination — (see that?) 66.6km


Reaching the CBD of Gold Coast (Don’t you just love the sky?)


A wharf was spotted by the roadside

Checked in and we raided the city after.




Gold Coast’s Central Business District


Finally we’re here — Surfers Paradise!

Just click on ‘view full album’ for more pictures that were taken at the paradise.

Though it’s winter, there still were surfers around the paradise but definitely, I would not even want to touch the water. Damn windy and cold okay?


I was trying to be strong to not wearing a jacket (plus, it does look weird to wear a jacket and walk along the beach kan?). Nevertheless, I gave up. I rather look weird than catching a cold (and being a H1N1 suspect and quarantined for one week when I am back to Malaysia)

DSCN6919 On a note, it ain’t easy to walk on this beach. You feel that you had walked quite a distance but in fact, you had not lol

Done with the beach, we walked on the streets after.


You will definitely see numerous of greedy seagulls. They actually followed that lady in black for food (!!!). No food no follow lol

DSCN6929 The next Little Mermaid, perhaps?

Pizzas as our late lunch (or early dinner) and we had fun feeding the seagulls nearby. Battle of survival (fight for food) occurred among them and there was one which was feared most lol


Clockwise: Supreme, Hawaiian Tuna, Magherita, Hawaiian Chicken

I bought chocolates worth AUD 50 at Darrell Lee and finally, I got myself a new camera! <3 the boyfriend


I am not sure whether it is a glamour DC but it does a fantastic job and I am more than satisfied with the outcome :)

It was then we decided to go out for dinner (initially I thought the pizzas were supposed to be our dinner lol).


IMG_0017IMG_0030 Gold Coast’s CBD night view

Since the boyfriend is not familiar with Gold Coast plus, we saw a Japanese and Korean restaurants nearby, we entered a restaurant without much contemplation.

IMG_0026 Misou Ramen

Surprisingly, I finished the whole bowl of ramen (!!!) even though I was not that hungry at all! I guess I am beginning to able to take in the Australia’s food portion omg!

Decided to stroll around the streets when we came across to this ice-cream shop 

IMG_0027 Ice Europa

IMG_0028Clockwise: Strawberry, forgotwhatflavoritwas, Ferro Roche, Chocolate Mint

IMG_0029 While indulging this sinful treat, we were watching a Live football match between Australia and Japan.

Dropped by Condom Kingdom where the boyfriend was spotted in action.


Dropped by Priceline where I got to do some window shopping — well, not exactly a window shopping as I bought a mascara which was on sale —

the boyfriend (again) was spotted in action lol


And before we went back to our room, me requested the boyfriend to do something extraordinary (and yet, memorable) on the streets of Gold Coast :P

4 comments: said...

wow the clouds on the first pic is so nice.. really nice!

and you got a new camera? i also want.. i've been living off my friends' camera these days.. lol


Fumoffu said...

Yeah, I love the clouds too. I did not do any editing some more. It is original and the clouds are looking so nice *proudproud*

Hehe. IMO, I find it cheaper if bought here. IMO larr.. Don't know kena cheated or not lol!

★ whoaamello ★ said...

I like how they pack the ice-cream =D And seagulls are PRETTY (: (:

Fumoffu said...

Hehe. But the best thing was the ice-cream taste good :D :D Well, about the seagulls, they are pretty, no doubt, but they can be very annoying lol! Not always, but sometimes :S