Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Music Man vs Magician

20th Golden Melody Awards is around the corner. Obviously, there is going to be a battle between artistes in getting their hands on this prestigious awards. If you go here, you can tell that their victory is very dependent on their fans. Therefore, this is now becoming a battle between fans.

Of all the categories, Best Male Artiste has the most stirred up battle.

Both are talented and are highly respected. But only ONE will be chosen for this prestigious award. Who will it be? The Music Man or The Magician?


Undeniable, Jay Chou is really good but unfortunately, my vote goes to Lee Hom. Don’t get me wrong. I have all of Jay’s songs -- from his first album until the latest one. However, in terms of taste in music, I guess Lee Hom’s suits me well.

Among the songs in his latest album, Heart Beat, I love this the most:

Another Heaven duet with Jane Zhang

As for Best Female Artiste, undeniable our beloved Fish Leong, a Malaysian based Taiwan, has the highest vote. My vote goes to her as well, no doubt :)


On the other hand, for Best Newcomer, no doubt, Jam Hsiao rose to victory, beating down both James Lin and Rachel Liang, the winners from Taiwan’s popular televised singing competition, One Million Star.

jamhsiaoI love his voice and style. Too bad he is a very shy person. Unquestionable my vote goes to him :P


kenwooi.com said...

lol you and lee hom again.. i prefer jay chou! =)

Fumoffu said...

I like their music but if I had to choose, I will choose Lee Hom over Jay lol!

eRiC said...