Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brisbane: Day 09

We planned to go to Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) and picked the brother up at Brisbane International after. However, we decided to take a day off instead :D

It was around 4.30PM when we had to leave the house to the airport to pick the brother up.

IMG_0245There was filming going on in the neighborhood. I do not recognise the celebrities here so I did not go over and try to take pictures with the celebrities. Imagine I asked a staff to take picture with me instead of the real celebrities –_-

IMG_0251 On our way to the airport (and since there was a slight traffic jam going on), I managed to capture this beautiful sight. I love that ray of lights. They are just so beautiful to look at. This was the best shot that I can get and it was not easy for me to take that picture, okay? There were trucks and stupid fences and lamp posts blocking my way wtf


After we picked the brother up, we went ahead with our plan we made in the previous week: joining the brother and the girlfriend at Hillsong Church.

IMG_0293 Never did I expect that these people are really amazing and I had a great time. I am getting to like this church and will definitely join them as a volunteer if I were to study or stay in Brisbane :S Oh, the boyfriend signed up with them to be a volunteer. Guess he is going to be busier and has more friends to hang out with :) Which is a good thing. I prefer him to keep himself busy.


Plus, it ain’t a bad idea for him to join this Church. The pastors were amazing and we learn a lot from his talk! Gosh! I almost walked away from God (as in not becoming a devout Catholic) but thanks to this session, I decided to go back to God’s arms :)

I know He will protect, guide and lead me. Even if He does not, I will still serve and have faith in Him and only Him.


They were still filming. It was almost midnight by the time we were back home (from Hillsong Church and dinner after). I guess celebrities do not have an easygoing life after all, huh?


goingkookies said...


Sorry.. asked this question at your c box instead here and sometimes, apparently some ppl get rather touchy with that. =)

Where is the Hillsong church in Brisbane? and btw, you're a catholic?

Its; good to hear that you're back in his arms... Hope that your journey with Him will grow stronger.

Fumoffu said...

Hello there,

Well, urmm, it is located in the Garden City of Brisbane. And yeah, I am a Catholic.

It's a long story regarding of why I become an un-devout Catholic and finally, I see that there is still hope in this religion =)

Anonymous said...

nice cloud picture! =D
you using dslr?

goingkookies said...

oh ok. I shall try to visit it when i m there. they only have sunday service? sorry to trouble you but what time does the service start?

Fumoffu said...

Ken: Thanks!! Now I feel that my hard work paid off lol! The patience T_T The never-give-up spirit T_T Tankiewwww...

goingkookies: Urmm.. It was not a mass (like Sunday masses). It was more like a gathering (who loves God and those who want to know God) and sing and praise like that. Then there will also be talks conducted by the famous Pastors (from what I experienced last Friday -- and it was my first time some more lol!)

Therefore, this event is not on Sunday. It is always on Friday night :D And it always start at 7.30PM but be sure to go early to get a nice seat :D

Where are you currently at now? In Brisbane too?