Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brisbane: Day 03

I am meeting up with Summer today!

Quoted by the boyfriend, ‘It is just so weird to meet up with your long lost friend in another country’.


Dang! I love his big mirror in his bathroom. Plus, there is a bathtub omg!


The boyfriend has his first final exam paper today. Fyi, it is Saturday! Not common to have an exam during weekends, huh? Or maybe it is just me.


Therefore, we took a bus to the city together – his lifestyle here. It took us 40 minutes to reach the city. We (Summer and I) agreed to meet at ten. It was around 9.40AM by the time we reached at the designated place.

DSCN6516 While waiting for her, we dropped by Starbucks Coffee. Can you believe it? The boyfriend purchased a drink from Starbucks! For those who know him well, I believe you know what I am trying to tell you from the previous statement lol


And that’s not it. He had his breakfast there since he was hungry and Summer has not arrived. Oh ya, trust me, the drinks sold in Starbucks here are completely different from what you have in Malaysia. Like totally different! 

Places that she brought me to:


Story Bridge

A few attempts were taken to take a photograph of me with this bridge but failed.

DSCN6533Queensland Investment Corporation 

This is where she is currently working at: her client’s office.


St. Stephen Church


Queen Street Mall


Later, we took a break at La Dolce Vita Caffe. We had a hot chocolate here, recommended by one of her colleagues. She was told that the hot chocolate here is very thick that even the spoon can stand inside the middle of the cup.


We tried and it does!

When it was around lunchtime, we took a bus to Toowong to claim my free buffet lunch at Sizzler.


Yay! Summer belanja-ed me :D


My starter. Hers was double mine xD


My main dish. The chips are nice :D


Her main dish.

When it was time for us to make our moves, we took a ferry, known as Citycat, back to the city.


Brisbane River

DSCN6570 Quoted by Summer, ‘Train Bridge’ as it is a bridge specially for trains.


Quoted by Summer again, ‘Car Bridge’.


 Treasury Casino. Was recommended by Summer to come here at night.

That night, it was one of the boyfriend’s brother’s buddies’ be-early 30th birthday. To put it simple, it is a friend’s birthday and we had steamboat for dinner at his place. The boyfriend was very excited and he was able to meet his favourite purebred dog breed, Corgi.


The birthday man’s birthday cake


and present from his wife.

P130609_20.44[01] And this is their pet dog, Milo, a purebred Corgi.

4 comments: said...

neat place!
nice buldings!
good food!
i wanna go auusie! =D

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, you should come. There's good and bad for coming over. The good is you get to experience nice and clean place. The bad is the place is nice and clean that made you realise that M'sia is ugly -_-

TOLANIC said...

The sky is very blue! Wow wow! Ehh, you are very good in taking pictures. =)

Fumoffu said...

Tolanic: Hehe. Thank you! However, I did a bit of basic editing -- to make it brighter and such :)