Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Interview

I had my very first face-to-face interview today. Before I was led for interview, I had to fill up a form. One of the questions is ‘Which department are you interested in by ranking’. There are only 4 listed and guess what? I ranked Audit Department as my least interest omg!

I am not sure whether the interviewers were impressed but I had been very honest with them on questions they asked. Since I was recommended to them, they were worried that I am an arrogant type of person. How do I know? ‘We know you were recommended by people. However, in EY, all of us will be working as a team. In a team, everyone is the same.’

I never wanted to be treated differently. Plus, I assured them that I am type of person who is willing to learn and I believe I have the attitude that they expected.

‘Tell us, what have you been doing for the past few months?’

‘What is AIESEC?’

Are the questions that I expected from them lol

Another teaser mentioned in my post below:



TOLANIC said...

The key to win the interview, just say you got passion in that kind of work. And don’t forget to say you are a fast learner and got no problem to work in the team. I tried before. What can I said it’s 98% success. At least it’s work for me. Good luck. =)

Anonymous said...

heheh. the fastest learner cant beat someone who already know. all the best.

ChArL3n3 said...

all the best! you sure can do it one :D

Fumoffu said...

Tolanic: Hahaha! I think I missed those out T_T Wuu~~

Anonymous & Charlene: Thanks :D said...

haha..wishing you all the best! =)

Fumoffu said...

I wish I am recruited, hopefully. But at the same time, wish I am not recruited. Working world is seriously scary T_T