Thursday, May 14, 2009

Post-China Vacation

So did I buy anything back from China? The answer is a definite ‘yes’!

DSCN6037Panda hat for myself. Three sets of pajama for my brothers and myself. Medicine plasters and beautiful postcards for everyone. Anyone wants post cards? Leave your address in this post’s comment and I will send to you lol xD


My favourite is this panda hat (RMB25). Though the quality is not as good as the genuine product (RMB80), it is all good as long as it has a panda look lol

DSCN6046I bought the above set for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift. These knives are good and could reduce her workload in the kitchen. However, instead of using them, she kept them –_-

DSCN6048I bought this necklace for MYR200. Very nice, no? I love the design. Very unique, no? There is another design that caught my attention as well – heart shaped. But since heart-shaped necklace is quite common, I decided to purchase this design in the end.


Anonymous said...

nice.. haha..
are you gonna wear that panda hat around here? lol..
nice necklace too!! =D

Fumoffu said...

Haha. If the weather allows me to or when there is Costume Party? xD
Yeah, that necklace is really nice. That's why the lokek me is willing to buy it. Hehe..

Anonymous said...

Cool necklace! Is it ruby?

lol of all things a panda hat XD

Angel said...

oh! i hv nv been to other parts of China except GuanDong. Will be going to Beijing at the end of this year. Hopefully itz gonna be fun! Teehee

Beatrice said...

I will wear the hat if you post it over. :D

Fumoffu said...

wayeyoung: Haha. It was claimed to be real. So far, no sign of being a fake one lol Will see again for the next few months xD panda hat cute, wad. I was looking for something else like giraffe or tiger :D

Angel: Yeah, you should. And remember to walk till the peak of the Great Wall. If you are going with the tour, ignore the tour guide's time limit. If not, you will end up like me regretting all the way back to M'sia T_T

Beatrice: I will send one over to you if I have the chance to go China again xD will buy more so F6 wear them together and take picture xD

Beatrice said...

LOL. should buy a different one for each and every one of us.

Fumoffu said...

Then I have to go to different country to get a different design? lol

Beatrice\ said...

do they only have panda there??

Fumoffu said...

I only saw pandas. Other than that, I see a girl wearing something else. I think it's a bear or sth lol Can't rmb dy. Maybe Aus should come up with Kangaroo or Koala hats XD