Saturday, May 16, 2009

Interesting English

DSCN5122 I did not know we are ‘Aliens’ to China –_- Why Aliens?


Not one but numerous trolleys in the airport :S

DSCN5183 Hmmm.. To light?

DSCN5281 I just find ‘enter the water’ weird.

In a bathroom of one of the hotels that I stayed, there was a sign that read ‘Please slip carefully’ –_-

I wonder what will happen to ignorant fools after reading these signs :S


Wai Chung said...

There is a "slip carefully" notice board?? HAHA that's just amazingly funny!!

I thought it is fake because i saw it on internet but, it is REAL one.


Fumoffu said...

Yeah, but I forgot to take picture of it T_T said...

hahaa Fumo you're an Alien!!!
*you come from outer space, and you come in peace!*

peace to china! =D

Fumoffu said...

Ken, wait till you go China and you will be another Alien just like me XD