Sunday, May 17, 2009

ASQ09: Preliminary One

I watched Astro Star Quest 2009 last night. Well, by the time I turned to WLT channel, it was already halfway through the show. Still, I managed to watch eleven performances. Hmmm.. More than half, huh? It was their first Preliminary round. To choose Top 10 for semi-finals, maybe? No idea.


I could not give my opinion on all eleven performances that I watched (quite vague) and therefore, I would just go into those that gave me a very deep impression on their performances.



Honestly, I have no idea how she make it to Top 20 or maybe she chose the wrong song that night. Once you chose the wrong song, it is over. Including me. She was the lowest scorer, 5.83, that night.



On the other hand, this guy is good. I believe he can make it to Top 10, maybe? Well, I did not get to watch all 20 performances so this is just a hypothesis :P No offence, ya?

ASQ_P1_0258 SPY

The only Sarawak-ian! Woo-hoo! She has strong vocal and the song that she chose for the night was awesome but lack of showmanship. Nervous, maybe? Definitely nervous lar! However, I believe this competition will definitely tune her up to be a super star! :D



He definitely chose the wrong song for the night. Maybe he has the singing skill but he has to work on his stamina =)

ASQ_P1_0326 曾洁钰

Scored the highest with 7.52 =)

This show ended with three contestants being eliminated. No doubt, Cheryn was one of them. The other two were:



ASQ_P1_0099  Yean

No idea how their performances for the night were because they were the two of the first nine contestants that I missed :S

If you want to catch the next preliminary round, turn to Astro Channel 311, Saturday at time 1900 =)

Pictures credit to ASQ Web Album

Disclaimer: No offence here. Just voicing out MY opinions in MY blog.


Anonymous said...

hmm..dont watch this.. lol
not interested =P

Fumoffu said...

I just happened to turn to this channel so I watched lol