Saturday, May 9, 2009

China Vacation – Day Eight

We were allowed to wake up latter than the previous days on 25th April. We toured around the city of Dalian, in the bus, before we left to airport. You see, Dalian is a small place. 3 days are more than enough UNLESS you went at the wrong timing. It is advisable to visit Dalian around July-August.

DSCN5729 DSCN5730 DSCN5731 DSCN5732 DSCN5733 DSCN5734We had a 1500 flight to catch to Beijing :) One-hour flight, I suppose.


My 200ml Za Energy/Water Skin Lotion was confiscated! BOO! I know that we cannot bring in liquid of more than 100ml into the cabin when we are taking International flights. But I do not know that this is applied to Domestic flights in China –__-

After meeting up with our new but last tour guide, we went to Wangfujin Dajie.

DSCN5744 DSCN5745 DSCN5746 DSCN5748 DSCN5749 DSCN5750 DSCN5751 DSCN5752

And that’s it. We were off for dinner at this restaurant that is famous with its dumplings. Chow Yun Fatt and Nnadia Chan, stars from Hong Kong, went for their dumplings as well.

DSCN5760 DSCN5763

TEN plates of dumplings and I ate EACH of them –__-


Anonymous said...

great pics of the buildings in china! =D
dumplings!! argh you're making me hungry!! haha..

WayeYoung said...

10 plates? overkill no? lol

Fumoffu said...

kenwooi: Yeap, it was pure luck that the weather was good that day else those pictures will not be born lol! And 10 plates of dumplings weii.. You may be hungry in the beginning but till the end, you will puke -__-

WayeYoung: Memang overkill lol! It was one of the most horrible dinner I had in China T_T