Wednesday, May 13, 2009

24th Mother’s Day

It was my mom’s 24th Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday. I know I should have posted this up either Monday or Tuesday lol Why am I doing it now when it is already after Tuesday midnight?

I have no idea, seriously –_-


We gave her a treat at Albert & Michelle Western Cafe, having the same owner as Richmond’s Place. These two restaurants are located a few shops away from each other. However, Albert & Michelle is only open for business during weekends and special occasions when there are lot of customers coming in.

DSCN6069Being such a typical place for most people to dine at during special occasions like Mother’s Day, my brother had made an advance booking :D See? The more reason for this restaurant being one of the MUST-DINE places in Kuching.


I like its lightings. I wonder if it is always like that.

There were five of us; the VIP – mommy dear, my uncle (her baby brother), my baby brother (her son wtf) and his girlfriend (her potential sondaughter-in-law, perhaps?) and ME (her only daughter xD).

Mother and son


Mother and daughter

I really enjoyed myself that night. I had an awesome dinner lol

DSCN6086 A RM5 (only) glass of Martini Sprite and..


..RM10 (only only) Lamb Chop *drools* 

Awesome, right? xD

Like I have had blogged previously, this restaurant provides quality and quantity with such an affordable price. They should come up with a motto that goes ‘Now everyone can eat’ wtf

DSCN6101Last but not least, we prepared a cake for her and guess what? We sang Birthday song wtf

And of course, I do not see why I should not end this post with a picture of the VIP for the day, my mommy dear, and her ‘birthday’ cake lol

Happy Mother’s Day <3


Wai Chung said...

Your mom doesnt look like your mom, she seems to be your sister more!!

And your brother got a nice hair!!

Fumoffu said...

Hehehe.. :D

Anonymous said...

your mum looks young! =D

Fumoffu said...

Thanks! Everyone said that she does not look like my mom instead, I look more like her mom! lol JK JK~