Friday, May 8, 2009

The Sad Devil

There is a party going on tonight at Metropol Bar, LG Blog Launch Party, of course thrown by none other than LG Malaysia.


Damn sad lor. I wanted to go so much, you know? To partay! To meet up with the Nuffnangers. Also, to show people the Devil in Disguise, ME!

As I were saying, I wanted to go so much! I am craving for parties right now! Maybe my life is getting duller that my head is going to burst in any minute. Or maybe there is no other better reason than saying ‘I love parties’!


There IS a party tonight. Yeah, it is tonight! Right NOW! Unfortunately, the party is in KL. Because it is in KL, I cannot go for the party. Because I am now in Kuching, I cannot go to KL to go for the party :S

Very saddening, hell yeah.

I am sorry, baby. If only we were in KL, I would have definitely brought you along as my date :(


Yeah, just the two of us, The Devils, to the partay..

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