Saturday, May 2, 2009

China Vacation – Day Two

That 19th April morning, I had to wake up at 0430. After I had my breakfast (the earliest one in my life wtf), we had to leave the hotel around 0600 to catch our 0830 flight to Tianjin.

It has been less than 3 months and LCC Terminal had changed tremendously. I didn’t know they have a departure hall specially for International flights :)

Not only that, they have a large waiting room for those taking International flights as well! A good change indeed.

We took AirAsia X to our destination.

We were not to take photos here but well, rules are meant to be broken and I did it for the sake of my blog (and my readers as well lol). After I took this picture, that phat Indian guy in red uniform blew his whistle at me :( So, readers, love me more, ya?

Guess what? It was going to be a freaking 6-hour flight to Tianjin (!!!) Imagine sitting for 6 hours with nowhere to go to (well, other than lavatory lol) . My ass went freaking flat, man. Fortunately we have this TV screen in front of every seat. I thought it can entertain me throughout the whole journey. These appliances have movies, series, variety shows, music as well as games installed. Mana tau we have to pay MYR30 to get an access. Sigh of disappointment, I chose to listen to my MP3 Player until I fell asleep. Unfortunately, a few hours before I could reach our destination, my MP3 Player’s battery died on me :(

Oh ya! AirAsia has the best captains! All the landings that I encountered with AirAsia are always smooth! Perfect! On the other hand (I took MAS a few times as well), and for that ‘few times’, they mostly have rough landings –__- As we reached Tianjin’s airport, I did not even realise we had landed the ground! No exaggeration, okay?

It was around 1430 when we reached Tianjin Binhai International Airport (banzai!) Excitement, happiness filled the air until we were told we had to take another 5-hour ride to Jinan :( Imagine you were playing with your lovely puppy at this greeny beautiful hill with butterflies flying around and birds chirping on the trees and rainbow in the sky and SUDDENLY a hurricane hit the place –__-

It was this bus that had 18 of us to fit in (excluding the tour guide and the bus driver) all the way to Jinan for 5 hours. Not a luxurious bus some more wtf

It was an excruciating journey that I was not aware we had reached the place and just in time for dinner. Almost died of hunger :( Fortunately, we had fine dinner else I do not know what will come next.

This, one of my favourite dish. A very unique but delicious dish lol Do not ask me the name or taste or how it is made. I was too busy filling up my stomach to concern about those lol

Not to forget to mention my favourite drink xD It is very common to have beer for every meal in China! If I were born here, gosh, I just cannot imagine how I will turn out to be! Maybe Angel the Kaki Botol?

Fyi, Jinan is not our exact destination. We were to stay one night at YuQuan Simpson Hotel before we could head to Qingdao (our first exact stop). Sigh. It was an excruciating day. Fortunately, we have a comfortable room to sleep in. Oh, this hotel’s rooms are interesting. Where got? Beds, chairs, curtains, mirrors, TV, etc. Normal, what. Wait till you see its bathroom lol




Ta-dah! Interesting, no?

Question! Are you thinking what I am thinking? xD

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hey.. very neat writeup!
china must be fun huh? i've never been there haha..
anyway, it'll be better if the pictures are bigger.. clearer..
just my suggestion.. cheers! =D said...

oh the bathroom? see thru?
haha nice... XD

Fumoffu said... Thanks for the suggestion! You know? You are the first to suggest something to improve my blog. Wuwu~ I'm so touched! Will take note on that :D And yeah, the bathroom. See through geh. Very interesting, no? :D

TOLANIC said...

Ehh, Air Asia also got TV?

Fumoffu said...

Tolanic: Yeah! It's Airbus got! lol