Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pre-China Vacation

I had troubles packing for 11-day trip. It was my very first to go for a trip that long! Without any hesitation, guess what? I brought thirteen tops wtf I could wash my undergarments during the trip but it is impossible to wash our tops, right? They will not be able to dry on time especially when we were to stay different hotels throughout the trip.

My grandparents love me a lot :D Not only they sponsored me to join this trip but my grandpa gave me 1k RMB (not MYR) to spend. Well, I spent those money very wisely :)

Since this is trip is under a travel agency, not wanting to cause so many unnecessary troubles, I was to depart to KLIA from Sibu together with the group (instead of from where I am, Kuching). Therefore, I was to leave Kuching on 15th April.

The schedule for this trip was very vague. All the while, the plan is that we were to depart to KLIA on 17th April in the morning and would take afternoon flight to Tianjin, China. That was why I booked my flight to Sibu on 15th April. After my flight tickets were booked, paid and confirmed for days, I received a call from my grandma, telling me that the date was changed to 18th April. Stay another day in Sibu? ‘Never mind’

When my grandma picked me up from Sibu Airport, I learnt that we had to take evening flight to KLIA and would only be able to catch next day’s early morning flight to Tianjin, China. Meaning, we had to stay one night in a hotel nearby LCCT!

That’s when I knew this trip ain’t going to be easy :(

p/s: Since I spent a few days in Sibu (without no laptop and internet connection wtf), I spent unnecessary small fortune on above items :(

Three bra straps: Honestly, I did not think of how and when I am going to wear those. They just caught my eyes and I really want to own them lol

Elianto’s Sparkle Magic Powder


choonhong said...

13 tops for 11 days?
do your luggages overload?

Fumoffu said...

Haha! Fortunately nope! LOL!