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731st Day for The Labor Day Couple

I had been thinking what I should do on our special day when came across with Suet Li’s ‘The Great Couple Meme’. Later, I saw that Timothy Tiah had done this Great Couple Meme a day before Suet Li. Then KY a day after Suet Li! lol From what I’d read in those posts, these questions are credits to Su Ann =)

So, hereby, I would like to thank Su Ann for coming up Great Couple Meme which eventually gave me an idea on what I should do to celebrate today! I even asked the boyfriend to do this as well. I am delighted that he is willing to. You know why? Why? It is because he is not someone who would waste his time to answer such questions lol but since today is a special day for both of us, he decided to do it =D

I know not being able to celebrate such a special together is really the saddest, sorriest, most deplorable, most miserable, and most pitiful thing that could happen on a couple =( I can foresee that we are not able to celebrate next year’s today as well =(

However, we both agree that this is just part of what we have to sacrifice to have a better future for both of us. Hehe. We do not look at the present. We look at the future.

Anyway, I had done our ‘The Great Leo(s) Couple Meme’ before I had my break from blogging. I really cracked my head open to answer these questions. I am not an expressive person. It is hard to express my understanding on something in words! Nevertheless, I tried and therefore, below is our Great Couple Meme. Why Leo(s)? His London name is Leo while my confirmation name is Leonora.

The Great Leo(s) Couple Meme

Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him: (Not sure if this will be similar to his). I first saw him during our college’s AIESEC’s first AIESEC Gathering back in the year two-oh-oh-seven. I still remember he was sitting at the corner of the room, alone, near the windows. Somehow, I approached him, well, to get his attendance (I approached others as well, okay?). I could not understand his handwriting so my very first conversation with him went like ‘Is this 88?’ lol He was quiet. I guess it was due to him sitting alone there. He had a typical samseng look back then so I thought he was kind of cool and stuff lol I am attracted to cool guys easily, you see?

Tell us something funny about him: One of his names is Thunder Kok! HAHAHAHA!

What’s a weird habit or quirk that he has?: I find the way he dries his hair with a hair dryer is very weird lol

What makes him happy?: OWNING A HONDA CIVIC TYPE R, playing basketball and computer games, ME, all kinds of food (free the better), being busy and get longggggg sleep!

What makes him sad?: When I am sad.. when he did not get the grade that he thought he would have.. being busy? (‘coz very stressful and such).. when one of his babies (either his laptop or car) is in trouble.. and he lost his favorite ring last year and blimey, he was super upset about it.

What makes him angry?: When I am being nonsense (generally, girls do that, right? :D) and overspending (sometimes) but not until the state him being furious xD when he was being taken granted for.. when he found out that he was being backstabbed by people who are very close to him..

What excites him?: Food (free the better)! And seeing me..

What’s he like at home?: Another lazy person I have ever known, other than myself lol Bumming around all day either in the living room watching TV or in his room playing computer games.

What’s he like at work/school?: We did not attend the same high school. However, to my knowledge, he always had long hair and well, he enjoyed the free hair cut but the discipline teacher.

Describe his room: Erm… Let’s just get into his room in M’sia since I have not been to his room in Aus lol His bed at the corner with a bedside table. On the wall, next to his bed, there are were a photo frame (sadly, he was not in it) and a poster of Cloud from Final Fantasy Advent Children (unfortunately, I ter-ripped it down oops!). His wardrobe taking up another corner opposite of a closet at the other corner. His desk against the wall with a floating cupboard above it. Mirror against the wall and clothes all over the floor lol

Do you know who he hates the most?: Not that I could think of. Maybe those who upset me?

Have you met his exes?: No! Not even one -__-

Do his parents like you?: Urmmm… I think so. I hope so. I guess? But there is some kind of pressure communicating with them. Maybe because my parents are young compared to them. I communicate with my parents as if they are my friends.

What’s the first thing he would do or say if he fell down and scraped their knee: Diuuuuuu.. and maybe pretend nothing had just happened. Well, he is a tough guy. He does not like to show his weak sides in front of me and other people.

What would he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?: He would stay calm and take the lead. This happened when the AIESECers and I were stuck in the lift when we had our seminar at Malacca last year!

Which shop would he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?: Maybe the music store? Well, he does not like to go to a shopping mall except for clear outlined purposes. He knows what and where he wants to get something. Plus, we rarely stroll in a shopping mall.

What would he have for a typical breakfast?: He always missed his breakfasts. Once he is up, brunch awaiting him. Anyway, if he does, he does not have a fixed typical breakfast. He eats anything that is prepared or bought by his parents.

Where would he want to go for dinner?: Anywhere that I want to go? Nahh… Not everytime. He wouldn’t if the meal is going to burn a big hole in our pockets lol But seriously, I am willing to spend on food, you know?

What kind of movie would he choose at the cinema?: Action movies? Cinemas have the best sound system, no? Other than that, he would rather download the movies from the internet and watch at home.

Describe his taste in music: Both Chinese and English Pop, R&B and some Rock (Taiwanese band, MayDay) music.

If he wasn’t going out with you, who would he be going out with?: Urmmm... mostly he would be going out with his buddies. He would rather go out yam cha with his friends (provided that they are free at that time) than being stuck at home.

What item in his wardrobe would you like to burn: Everything! Not because I hate his clothes but because his wardrobe is very messy! lol There was one time that I took the initiative to clean his wardrobe. I literally threw out all the clothes inside, folded them nicely and only put them back.

What is he good at?: Talk. Counsel. Talk. Counsel. Most of my friends (and his) like to talk to him as he is quite wise and (being said by them) they learn things from him lol

What is he totally horrible at?: Being romantic. Serious lol He does not like to do or say mushy stuff.

What’s something about him that is annoying/infuriating?: His rationalism and confidence. He is being too rational and very confident which are quite a disadvantage on me =(

What’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?: Strolling or window shopping at shopping malls.

What’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?: Being with each other =p And we also agreed that raising dogs are cheaper than raising kids! HAHAHA!!

Is he possessive?: Definitely no! HAHAHA!

Why would he succeed in life?: He is very smart (definitely not a book smart) and determined. Confident and being very rational (I know you saw this at Q.26), and he knows exactly what he wants.

What is the coolest gift that he has ever given you?: Sasa the Devil!!

DSC_0135What is he obsessed with?: Computer games, music, basketball and Sasa.

Why would he be dangerous?: Urmm… Because he has a lot of supporters? So far, to my knowledge, he has not blacklisted anyone yet lol Yet to find out =)

What does he avoid at all costs?: Mistakes and risks. So he always does proper research and plans things with care and sometimes, comes up with a backup plan if anything goes wrong =)

What does he spend the most money on?: Computer appliances, food and ME! xD

Describe his typical Sunday: Only wakes up when the clock struck somewhere in between 2-3pm. Hunts for food in the house to fill his empty stomach. Will watch TV at the living room and later, falls asleep on his comfortable couch. Wakes up when the sun sets for dinner. Will watch TV with his family. Then goes up to his room, either playing computer games or surfing net until late at night.

Tell us about a time he looked absolutely gorgeous: On my birthdays!

What’s something about him that would surprise all of his friends?: Being childish or kiddish! He always put on his cool, quiet and serious mask in front of his friends.

What do you love most about him?: Everything? I hope lol

The biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your partner: Being confident with myself and my capabilities and always being optimistic no matter what happen.

You can find his by clicking here :)

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