Wednesday, May 6, 2009

China Vacation – Day Six

We had to wake up very early on 23rd April since we had to catch 0900 cruise ride to Dalian. Yes, today is another tiring day but if compared to road trip, cruise trip was better. It was a six-to-seven-hour ride. We were expected to reach around 1530.

DSCN5603We had our own cabin inside the cruise; six people in one cabin, six beds with pillow and blanket each. I slept for four hours; two hours before lunch and another two hours after lunch.

DSCN5607 The cabin

DSCN5608 The walkway


The door


I arranged them –_-


Mirror and basin. Oh, that cup noodles was my lunch xD

After settling down, we all went to the deck.

DSCN5620  To bid our farewell to the tour guide as well as Yantai.

DSCN5622 DSCN5623 The cruise is very simple. There are video room (to watch movies), canteen (for lunch and dinner), ‘supermarket’ (or more like a small grocery shop), a room to play cards and mahjong (males prevailed the place), ‘dancing room’ (or more like a place for cabin-less to sleep in), ‘coffee and tea lounge’ (or more like a place for cabin-less to gather at), and ‘coffee and tea bar’ (or more like a deserted bar –_-).


From the picture above, we could see that there is front deck. Unfortunately, only the staff got the access :(

We our late lunch around 1630 and went to RenMing Guang Chang, one of the largest town square in Dalian, I suppose. Supposingly we were given 30 minutes to tour around but due to very cold temperature, I jogged all the way back to our bus just after 15 minutes. Seriously, it was really really cold in Dalian –_- The temperature was more or less around 10-15 Celsius.

DSCN5643 DSCN5645 DSCN5646 DSCN5648

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