Sunday, November 22, 2009


Have I introduced my colleagues? I guess no. I did not share much about my work in Shanghai as well, kononnya I had introduced my colleagues. My EP Manager *cough*Kenny*cough* complained that I did not post anything that is related to my internship in Shanghai.

IMG_3442This is Szu, a Taiwanese, an AIESEC Intern just like me. One desk away from me. A very cool and fun girl to be with. Good in both football and table tennis. Urmmm.. Will dig out more information about her during our upcoming drinking game.

IMG_3443This is Billy, a Philipino who sits behind me in the office. He is the employee of the company that I’m working with. In Shanghai for two years now. He has been telling me how cold Shanghai will get during Winter. His duty during the Winter is to make sure that I am still alive in the office.

IMG_3444That’s Eidolon, a Chinese. The only Chinese who has better command of English in the office. A very sweet and dedicated girl. We rely on her a lot on ordering food for lunch and occasionally, dinner.

There are three more colleagues but will talk about them in one of the the next upcoming posts.

So what do we do in the office?

Previously, we were paired up to do a task together.


I had to do campaign and events planning for the virtual world with Samuel, another AIESEC Intern. Fyi, that is our meeting room.


Szu and Billy had to work on bugs and tutorial videos together while Eidolon and Ellwyn had to work on the price list of the virtual items.

That was before. How about now?

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts…


kenwooi said...

ahh.. nice workplace..
orange walls! =P

Fumoffu said...

haha.. yeah, keeps me awake in the morning but it hurts my eyes in the afternoon lol!

Kelvin said...

Looks fun^^ Is working there tough?

Fumoffu said...

It depends on whether you could cope with the lifestyle here :) It's challenging enough to change my life!

goingkookies said...'s he going to keep u alive?? by keeping u warn??

hehe.. sorry.. couldn't help myself! =p

wear thermal underclothings!! drink lots of hot drinks!

make sure to wrap shawl around neck.. with neck covered.. shouldn't be a prob!! =p

Fumoffu said...

Thanks :)

Apparently it is colder here during Winter compared to in Australia :S