Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mom@Vue Bar

I had Plurk-ed and updated my status in Facebook before that my mom visited me in Shanghai for a week last month but never before had I posted anything about it in my blog. Pretty much way backdated post. Hah! It was a great week though it started out quite badly. Will talk about it in one of my shitty posts in the near future.

IMG_3094Anyhow, aforementioned, it was a great week. It was! I enjoyed shopping with her – bought my winter clothing (thanks to my Grandpa) and food.

On Tuesday night, I brought her to one of my favourite bars in Shanghai – Vue Bar. Why Tuesday? Because we can get drinks for 40RMB only (usual price is 80-100RMB)! Only? With the views that I am posting below, 40RMB is considered cheap.


Pudong’s night view is on the left..

IMG_3099 Huangpu River’s night view in the centre..


..and Puxi’s night view on the right!


She likes the place though and frankly speaking, I was relieved to know that. However, it got her worried that I am going to spend a lot for nightlife! No worries, people. I will not starve myself. All I will do is just not getting myself really expensive food.


kenwooi said...

nice night pictures!
and your mum looks SOO young! =D

Fumoffu said...

Hehe.. Thanks! But it's not good for me :(