Sunday, July 5, 2009


Being able to see the boyfriend the moment I wake up every morning is like a dream.

Being able to spend time together everyday is like a dream.

And yesterday, I had to bid farewell to this dream of mine.

To be honest, I felt remorse for boarding too soon, leaving him behind watching my back.

We could have spent more time.

But, like he’d said, we should learn to accept though we will miss each other like crazy.

I must say we did appreciate every moment throughout those 24 days.

Goodbye, my Dreamland.

I will see you again :)


goingkookies said...


I know that feeling.. I had to bid my bf goodbye twice in 2007 and once in 2008 at the airasia coolangatta airport.

and not counting the 2 times he left msia and i had to stare at his back..=/

hehe.. just know that u will see him soon!!

Fumoffu said...

Your virtual hugs really feel good :)
Actually, I have already taken you and your bf as our role couple-model :D
And yeah, I can't wait for him to come back to KL, perhaps early of next year :)

Beatrice said...

aren't you coming again???

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, the next time I go over Brissie, my boyfie and I will be traveling to Melbourne :D Should be the end of next year :)

Beatrice said...

yay!!!! get to see u here!!

Fumoffu said...

Can't wait :D

Anonymous said...

aww.. dont worry..
you'll meet up again some day! =D

Fumoffu said...

Yeap and perhaps in Malaysia :D He may be coming back next year. Whee~~ But I am really envious of you and your 'girlfriend'. Everyday can spend time together XD