Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brisbane: Day 16

Since we will be meeting up with Summer in the evening, we actually scheduled the plan on going over to QUT today instead of the previous day :)


My quick lunch for the day. Plus, since we’ll be having a steamboat that night, I’m saving the space for it :D


That night, we had more ingredients compared to the previous steamboat.

IMG_0576 More choices of vegetables ie. lobok, pumpkin and sweet corns.

IMG_0578 (Needle) mushrooms and tomatoes.

IMG_0579 Sliced beef *yum* Missing Shabu-shabu in Puchong T_T

IMG_0580 Crabsticks

IMG_0581 Honey ham

IMG_0577 Again, we prepared the eggs but we never got to destroy them.

To be honest, I really enjoyed having steamboat here. Why? I DON’T SWEAT AT ALL! It sure was my first time wearing sweater and long pants for steamboats lol!


kenwooi.com said...

sighs.. im feeling hungry..
and im looking at food here.. lol =P


Fumoffu said...

Go for a steamboat or BBQ session with your friends then! Must be very fun! :D