Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sunshine Coast: Day 17 (Part 1)

Breakfast was readied by the time we woke up. Prepared them in our dream? Nah. Summer volunteered to make us breakfast :D


French toast (and an egg) — got to learn new recipe

IMG_0587 and banana? O.o


It was around 10AM by the time we made our move. Nice weather. Just look at the clouds and blue sky. Perfect day for one-hour drive to Mooloolaba in Sunshine Coast.



This is the place we’re staying for the next two days, Twin Pines Motel — and guess what? If I hadn’t went to its website just now, I didn’t know they provide breakfast for us –_-

Darling! We missed our FREE breakfast!! *sobs*

IMG_0626 Since we’re talking about motel, the first thing you would imagine is a not so nice and small bedroom.

IMG_0629No big and clean washroom. Toilet and shower room are not separated. Nothing will be provided in the toilet.

IMG_0634 No television (perhaps?)

IMG_0631 No microwave. No complete set of utilities. No DVD player.

IMG_0632No fridge with water glasses and wine glasses.

But trust me, motels in Australia are just like 3-star (or more) hotels in Malaysia lol!IMG_0639

After we settled our accommodation, we went for a walk — to the beach — and we came across with the street’s name in the picture above lol!





If you ask me, I prefer Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast. Both Coasts are beautiful but there are some differences. The waves are not strong (I am not a surfer so, I don’t need big waves) and the wind is not that strong (that will make you feel uncomfortable).

IMG_0682 Since we only had our breakfast and not wanting to have a heavy late lunch (leaving space for our dinner), we decided to have a pizza at this restaurant, Augello’s Ristorante & Pizzeria — the winner in The National Pizza Competition.


And guess what? We had Vodka! FOC some more! :D


Our Seafood Supreme :D They are not stingy with their ingredients *yum*


And when we were going back to the motel, spotted another interesting street’s name lol!

To be continued…

2 comments: said...

WALAN street! XD
eh nice motel la.. i like the bricks wall! =D

Fumoffu said...

We were like 'OMG' and quickly snapped a picture of it. I don't think the Australians know what the word means XD
The motel is really nice. Change my perspective of MOTELS but only in Australia lol! I wonder how's the motels in Malaysia *oh!can'timagineit*