Monday, July 27, 2009

Coolangatta: Day 24

The day that I left Australia and my boyfriend :'(

That morning was freezing cold! It was around 9 degree Celsius or maybe lower! Fortunately the boyfriend isn’t staying in Coolangatta lol!

IMG_1581 When I was having my breakfast, he was showing me that face. It showed how much he didn’t want to let me go back to Malaysia. Awww

IMG_1586 That was the most disgusting hot chocolate I had in Australia –_- Will NEVER EVER purchase it anymore *pff*


Wanting to be safely pass the thermo-scanning test at the airport, I wore face masks for the whole EIGHT FREAKING hours in the plane! I bought FIVE masks—THREE for OOL-LCCT flight, ONE for strolling inside LCCT, and ONE for LCCT-KIA flight.

I was blessed to pass the thermo-scanning test at LCCT but guess what? I was ALMOST quarantined when I reach Kuching International Airport *boo-hoo*

37.2 degree Celsius and I was pulled aside –_-

However, the staff weren’t panic about it. In contrast, they were delighted! Delighted until they weren’t that willing to let me go when they found out my body temperature was again normal after some time. Maybe they hope to have the FIRST case in Kuching?

I wonder...


renaye said...

what happened to the choc?

Fumoffu said...

The choc didn't taste like a choc at all :S